Master Bedroom Plans

After reviewing the possible color choices for our master bedroom we have a winner!  Although you all were quiet on comments, I did get color choices from a few of you and the front-runners ended up being Drizzle and Reflecting Pool.


Top – Raindrop | Middle – Reflecting Pool | Bottom – Drizzle

And our winner was… Drizzle!  It had a bit more of a darker undertone that we’re more comfortable with and almost has a touch of grey mixed in to make it so.  I’m a lover of all things grey so it’s a hit with me and Jake really likes it too!  We actually went ahead this weekend and painted the window alcove so we could live with it for a little while and be sure we were ok with this much color (even though it’s a little darker).

Master Bedroom

It’s definitely color!  The beauty of paint is that it’s just paint and if I live with it, and decide I don’t like it, I can just paint it again, so I’m not too worried about it.  In order to make this color a bit more neutral and traditional and not so sea-sidey or girly, we’ve put together a pallet that we’re both actually pretty excited about.


The dark brown duvet and recovering the chair in a dark navy blue will bring in more masculine tones that still play really nicely with the aqua tone in this paint color.  Mustard yellow/Gold shams will bring a brightness to the bedding along with our white quilt at the end of the bed.  Brightly colored floral art and pillows also add more tones and still have a softness to them that makes this room for both Jake and me.  Lastly, we want to add a plank wall behind the bed in all white that will elongate your eye in the room and help reflect a bright white light in the space.

I love mood boards like this since and the one I did of a living room here since they can really help me pull together ideas, colors, textures, and patterns without spending any money or waiting for samples.  We hope to start painting the rest of the room this weekend and pulling this scheme together!  Once we do I’ll be sure to put up a source list of the items above, as well as what we end up with!

Any bedroom or room changes go on for you this weekend?  What do you think of mood boards in planning a space?


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  1. Love the color! And your mood boards! Browns and navy with aqua is such a great mix and then bringing in some golds is a great way of brightening the colors up. While I didn’t work on a bedroom this weekend, I did channel your advice and enhance my living room with a pop of color with a great pintuck rusty orange colored chair. It’s is a fantastic compliment to the gray furniture and navy and beige rug and really helps enhance the room. Thanks for the splash of color advice – it’s now my favorite room in the house!

  2. The colors tie in beautifully. I’ve always loved brown and blue together. They reflect a warm and cozy atmosphere. Lovely choices. Looking forward to see how the chair comes out. You will definitely need that dreaded sewing machine to do the piping and I personally think piping adds a touch of class to an upholstered piece.

  3. I love the color choice and can’t wait to see photos of the room when it’s completed. The plank wall sounds very unique! I am looking forward to seeing it. Unfortunately, I am not doing any decorating projects at this time, which is dreadful because I love to decorate! Much alas, I have run out of rooms! 🙂 I do love the navy chair and sofa you have utilized on both your mood boards. I only wish I did not have a while-haired dog otherwise I’d definitely go this route!

  4. I know this is a very old post, but would you happen to know any information about the brightly colored floral artwork you chose such as artist or where I can possibly find a copy of it? It would be the perfect thing to go above the bed in my new husband and mine’s master bedroom. If you can reply you’re welcome to email me. Thank you so much! Beautiful mood board by the way! I love all the navy touches and that yellow pillow!

    1. Thank you, Kim! The artwork was a find off of Joss & Main a while back when I was planning the room. I’m not sure it’ll ever be up on their site again, but look through that site every now and again and you can score some great deals on lots of pretty things!

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