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I’m still in the process of refining our mood board for our Master Bedroom based on the paint color we’ve chosen, but while I was at it I tackled another mood board for my brother and sister-in-law.  They live in NYC and actually have a nice spacious 2 bed, 2 bath apartment.  Since they’ve got a beautiful baby girl now who will undoubtedly be running around and grabbing at things all soon enough they’ve started looking for things like rugs and possibly replacing their sofas too.  Specifically, I was told, “We’re thinking navy blue sofas.”  My sister-in-law has also mentioned how great it would be to have me come help them style their place when they have the budget, so I thought it would be fun to put together 2 mood boards for them showing two similar looks, but 2 VERY different budgets!

For my guidelines I used the inspiration of the navy blue sofa and kept in mind that in addition to baby Avery, they have a fur baby that sheds A LOT.  Lucy is beautiful but her hair can get everywhere.  She’s a beige/tan dog so I went with a lighter colored, but patterned rug to hopefully hide some of the shedding mess while in-between vacuuming.   Additionally, Chris and Sondra are a very vibrant couple and very inspirational.  I tried to choose some colors and styles that took that part of their personalities and injected it into their space to make it feel like them.

First up is the expensive option.  If sky was the limit I’m sure you could go even higher than this, but this price tag seems high enough for me!


Sofa / Chair / End Table / Lamp / Rug / Tray Table / Art / Inspire Pillow / Stripe Pillow

Don’t be afraid of rugs with pattern, geometry and form.  They are quite forgiving and underfoot they add a vibrancy to the space that your eye catches, but doesn’t quite focus on. This patterned rug is light enough to hide Lucy’s fur, but not so light it’ll be a lot of up-keep.  I chose a sofa-chaise for their space since it’s super comfy, but would also add a soft dividing element since their space is open to the rest of the apartment.  The chaise sort of welcomes you in without closing off the room. The apartment also has 2 walls of windows so I chose this low-back chair to still be a great spot to curl up in, but also keep the view out of the apartment unrestricted. The natural wood and metal end table brings in elements of nature that really speak to them and I did the same with the tray table near the chaise.  With these two tables I’ve not included a coffee table in this space for a few reasons.  1-All they use now is a piano bench, so I’d say they aren’t used to a conventional coffee table and 2- The chaise helps create a soft of center zone on the carpet that will now be great for tummy time and baby mats and all things kiddo.  Once she’s standing, it’s a great little zone for her to move from chaise to sofa to chair without a coffee table to bump into.

For added color I chose vibrant art, lamps, and pillows to pull in more reds, blues, and green tones.  Yellows and golds would also work great with this color scheme and I wouldn’t shy away from a bright green.  You’d be surprised how great it looks with a turquoise like in this rug.  But for the price tag of +$6K…you’d be saving for quite a while before you got to make any changes!

Now for the more affordable option, if you will.


Sofa / Chair / End Table / Lamp / Rug / Tray Table / Art / Inspire Pillow / Stripe Pillow / Map Pillow

I’ve still gone with a sectional sofa and a geometric rug in similar colors.  The end table, tray table, and lamp are still also very similar, but a significantly different price tag.  The chair is still a low profile, but the soft roll back and curve at the arms softens the larger arms of the sofa.  I’ll get to the sofa in a minute, but the art, rather than being a glicce on stretched canvas, it’s a watercolor print from Etsy that is still quite vibrant and inspiring.  So the sofa is an IKEA sofa and believe me, I read a TON of blogs and I also have a few friends who have IKEA sofas.  The question of quality and durability has been a rounding “great” so if you’re willing to take the plunge and it works for your space, do a little reading, and you might find yourself happy with your decision.  As to the color, it’s their dark grey slipcover which is more like a blue-gray.  When paired with the right colors and accessories it can really read to be more blue and the texture of this fabric goes a long way to resist any stains or spills as well.

For a  total room makeover price of about $2K, this is much more do-able for a growing family to absorb, I think.

If I had to pick – I’d choose mostly the less expensive option (always a bargain hunter), but I would splurge on the rug from Option #1 as well as the lighter tray table from Option #1.

LR-Choosen Option

The first rug is from Pottery Barn and they are wonderful rugs and 100% wool.  This rug is $599, which is really not a bad price for a quality rug that will last for years.  Plus I like the touch of gold in the pattern as well.  The other tray table is $89 vs the $$56 for the other one, but I like the lighter wood tone a little better when paired with the end table.

I’m curious to hear what they think, though, and whether or not I’ve hit anything on their list! What do you think about each of these?  Which element is your favorite? I’d love to know!

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  1. I am very impressed with both decors, difficult to choose. However, with a growing family and the fact that IKEA furniture is durable and the slip covers can be replaced at any time, I would choose the second, less expensive option. It speaks of high quality and great design. Make sure they pick fabric to re-cover the chairs in the dining area to complement this gorgeous design. Well done!!!

  2. Love the color palette here! The light rug isn’t too light that it will ruin in one season. I’ve heard great things about IKEA, which makes for fantastic options for sizes of couches and color shades.The blue/gray you choose seems perfect for that space. And I LOVE the second option chair. It’s a bit of fancy and in the room, without being over the top. Gorgeous!

  3. I am loving the variety of pricing options out there for similar looks. IKEA is a great solution for a growing family with kids and dogs. We are big fans of our IKEA sectional. While it may not be a luxerious as other models, it has been ideal when we have faced spills and even dog vomit (yup, gross!). Just whip off the slipcovers and a quick wash later, the sofa is as good as new! I like the tufted chair and rug from the second & third more modest choices as well. They are a nice traditional selection that will give the room a “decorated” feel. Are they thinking of painting? If so, what color do they choose? Oh! Decisions, decisions…

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