Raindrops & Drizzle

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Raindrop, Reflecting Pool and Drizzle to be precise.  We took a trip to Sherwin Williams this weekend to get some sample pots for our Master Bedroom and see if we could break out of our comfort zone a little bit.  Here’s where we are with our room today. Bedroom Just to sum it up, we have just one window, low ceilings, and the room has a lot of jogs and angles in it, so the light  and shadows are definitely different just about everywhere.  Don’t ask me why I find the most personal space in my house incredibly hard to decorate.  I just need to make it… “us”.  And I know Us.  I know Us pretty well, as a matter of fact, so I feel like I should be able to just do this.  But maybe the personal part of it is what’s holding me up.  After snatching handfuls of paint colors we landed in more of the sea-glass family. SWPaintOptions I know – far from gray, right?  This definitely feels out of my comfort zone, but why not?  When I asked Jake I got a very emphatic “no beige”, so I know he’s looking for something different as well. Sherwin Williams test pots are huge by the way.  I don’t mean huge as in “great” I mean it literally – they’re very large!  If you were going to paint a door or something I’d just run in and grab one of these.  For $10 you get a lot of paint.  Anyway, since we have so many corners and areas for the light to hide, I did a lot of test spots. Bedroom


Top – Raindrop | Left – Reflecting Pool | Right – DrizzleBedroom

Top – Raindrop | Middle – Reflecting Pool | Bottom – DrizzleBedroom

Left – Raindrop | Top – Reflecting Pool | Right – Drizzle

I snuck in a after it was getting dark and found a Birdie thinking it over too… Bedroom

Top – Raindrop | Middle – Reflecting Pool | Bottom – Drizzle

This duvet may be out… not sure it’s working for me.  I was hoping it would be more vibrant, but the pattern and the fabric are really nice.  So what do you think?  Any votes on the paint color?  I think I know where we’re heading, but I would love to hear what you think!

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  1. The more I look at it the more I like drizzle. If you need/want a shade of turquoise, I have a dozen of them. SW really needs to start making smaller sample sizes!

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