Well, January is here and swept in with a mini blizzard for us here in New England!  While the weather outside is burying us in about 12″ of snow, Jake and I have been talking about what some of our goals for 2014 are.  2013 was the first year of our blog to share with family and friends some “going-ons” in our life and it certainly was fun and a good learning experience!

But looking ahead to 2014, there’s definitely some goals we want to accomplish and projects we want to check off our list with regards to the house.  Let’s head into the house and take it room by room.  We have more long term goals, but I’m just jotting down some of the ones that come to mind for 2014.

Entry Room/Mudroom (photo is from our tour!)

Front Room

  • Rework the electrical switches, rewire the lamp post, and relocate the overhead fixture to the center of the room
  • Add board and batten trim
  • Create a built-in bench and cubbies for shoe storage
  • Create more efficient closet/sports storage
  • Repaint, hang curtains, and accessorize
  • Change the flooring?

Dining Room

Dining Room 2

  • Finish trimming out the sliding door We’ve actually already gotten this done, but are waiting on a few more details to post about it
  • Add crown molding
  • Recenter the light fixture & get a new fixture
  • Add a dining room rug We’ve also done this just recently, but will have to share soon!



  • Add much needed bookcases, storage and organization
  • Add an ottoman, side table, floor lamp etc to make the space more “denish”
  • New floors?  Eh, maybe.

Master Bedroom


Make this room “ours”.  Tall task it seems.  I can’t get this done and for some reason it’s easier to work on other rooms or on other people’s projects.


Maybe once we do some of these things I’ll take a photo of this disaster space for you.

  • Install “basement friendly” flooring
  • Paint the walls white
  • Add shelving and new storage
  • Purge, purge, purge.
  • Create a work bench and tool area


Outside Fall

We spent a lot of time on the outside this year and next year will no exception!

  • Install irrigation system in backyard
  • Build up the wall and add friendly trees for privacy
  • Add more plants and color to replace what died to the back yard
  • Install new lamp post out front
  • Plan out and plant a small vegetable & herb garden
  • Repaint the bulkhead and finish trimming out the back stairs



This is by far the biggest thing on our list and the list in this room is long.  Everything. Must. Go.  This is the year we will start to finalize our plan, price it out, put together a schedule and perhaps even start some of it.  And we promise we will share all the details with you every step of the way no matter how far we get.

Other Miscellaneous

  • Finish window replacements & upgrades
  • Hang more art and pictures
  • Repaint the stairway and start a photo gallery wall
  • Payoff my car

Yeah, that last one is a personal finance one for sure, but if that happens it could really help a few more of the other things on this lengthy list come true!  Well, there are some of the thoughts on a few things we’d like to tackle this year.  I’m sure they’ll be more and other projects will fly into my head as well (especially now that I have a fancy set of nail guns!!), but it’s good to put “pen to paper” so to speak on a few of our goals.

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