Oh Christmas Tree

Jake and I buy a real tree every year and probably will for some time, if not forever.  We’re not criticizing those of you out there that go the fake tree route and believe me, some years when I’m stringing up the lights I can see why you do!  But there’s something about a real tree that adds to magic of the season.  Each year our tree is a little different, obviously, and this year’s tree we chose because we just loved his shape, even if we could’ve gone with a taller tree.


Isn’t the reflection on the floor neat?  The alcove the in the dining room is actually a perfect spot for it to be set up and we get to look at it from the kitchen as well as the living room. This time of year we eat in there every night too, so we get plenty of gazing done on the tree!  We use red, green and white lights and some of the ornaments we’ve gotten together, but most  are collected from our childhood still.

Tree 2

Ornament York Ornament Angel Ornament Pluto Ornament Hockey Ornament Birds

The rest of the house is decorated too of course, with candles in the windows, garland and lights.  (Sorry about some of the poor phone pics!)  Here’s a sampling of some of our decor.

Mantle Hutch 1 Hutch 2 Dining Table

Christmas Eve is just tomorrow and I can’t believe it!  I was lucky enough to have already celebrated two Christmas’ so it’s just the main event to go now! I can’t wait to share with you some of the fun later on!

We wish you the Merriest of Holidays however you choose to celebrate them and hope they are filled with lots of love and laughter and joy for the season!



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