Interior Paint Colors

Gathering my thoughts on our bedroom and thinking about paint colors spurred me to gather up all of our colors and take a look where the house palette is headed.  I sort of did this when we initially chose the colors, but since then we’ve painted the bathroom, guest room, and office and I never really did see where those colors fit into the scheme of the house.  Or do we even have a scheme? House Interior Paint Colors

*these colors will vary depending on your monitor and all that tech stuff

All of our colors are Sherwin Williams and we splurge on Sherwin Williams SuperPaint for paint and primer in one.  As you can see I have no sponsors, so am not sponsored by Sherwin Williams, I just happen to really love their paint.  It goes on with great coverage and the color always always always looks precisely like the swatch I’ve chosen. Back to our house, though – Accessible Beige and Utterly Beige are the main colors in the living room and dining room.  Utterly Beige is our darker accent wall in the living room and the lower portion of the dining room.  I love these two colors.  They read more grey than beige to me on the walls and have a modern feel to them.  Are they “greige”?  I’m not sure, but I love them.  Smokey Blue is our guest room and Agreeable Gray is the upstairs bath and current master bedroom color.  Lotus Pod is our main hallway and staircase.  The smaller swatches are our “accents” (or will be in some cases).  Copper Pot is the in the half bath down stairs on the upper portion and Thunder Gray will soon be the same sort of accent in our mudroom (plans still in the works).  Alabaster is our “white” trim color is so is on everything from the bookcases, baseboard, crown molding, and window trim, etc.  You can always refer to our house tour page for a peek at these colors.  My room photography will hopefully get better! About the Lotus Pod hallway… I actually hate this color in the hall.  It’s… drab.  I have some definite plans for board and batten up the stairs and gallery walls full of family photos and things that are “us”.  Agreeable Gray and Accessible Beige are actually contenders for this space since we have the colors on-hand, but I’m not sure if I want the same color everywhere in the house.  Should I find something different? I do love to use what we have if I can since we do invest in paint that is a little expensive.  It got me thinking that since I need something a little more on the beige side with the new duvet, would Lotus Pod work in the bedroom or will I just find that I hate it there too? MBTest What do you think?  Should I try it?

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  1. I vote to stick with similar colors in your hall and stairwell to tie in the spaces and create a flow on your first floor. With your wide open archways, I think you should stay with a color that is featured in your living room. The hallway and stairwell will be bright! If you are looking for a different color, you can always accessorize with different accent colors in your photos, furniture and wall decor. The accent color can even reflect the season (perhaps a red lampshade around the holidays switched out with a nautical or floral print shade in the spring/summer).
    As you know, I have one color throughout the main rooms of my first floor and up the staircase. I like that is ties in the spaces and the accent colors and fun and the furnishings are eclectic. Keep it neutral and have fun with your accessories!! XXOO

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