Master Conundrum

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving!  Or are enjoying Hanukkah too, for that matter!  We had a wonderful holiday weekend and are still resurfacing from our turkey/too much food induced comas that we should actually be in.  We did do some online black Friday shopping, though, and feel a bit ahead of the game.

We have started decorating for Christmas though, so the holiday transformation is occurring around here!  Unavoidably when I start to work on one space and look and move things around, I start to think about what we could do differently.  In particular right now, it’s our master bedroom that’s been on my mind.


I have been through more duvet covers than John Mayer has women.  I just can’t decide what to do in here!  The ceilings are low, there’s only one window so daylight is limited, the Berber rug is terrible (although I’m thankful that’s beige at least and not blue or pink) and I can’t seem to commit to anything on the walls.

So that leaves my wheels spinning on what to do.  Since I’m a duvet-happy kind of girl I saw the opportunity to snatch one off of Pottery Barn during a clearance sale for $69 and I really liked the colors.  PBDuvetCoverWe put it on the bed and do still really like the colors, so that’s good!  There’s progress there.  But now the curtains don’t look good.  There’s a set that we put in here that I never posted about when I changed the bed once again earlier this year.  Clearly that didn’t stick, so I never took any pictures to post about it.  It was a very light white on light grey geometric pattern, but blended very closely to the wall color (which is the same as the bathroom color).  But anyway, we picked up a set of new curtains at Homegoods in a soft beige with a little texture and shine and those work beautifully with the wood roman shade and the new duvet.

But now the wall color does not.  *sigh*.  Isn’t is always something?

Since we are breaking out the holiday decorations and winter is coming, though, it’s a good time to think about some of these inside projects I won’t mind tackling.  Like this room!  I’m really trying to pull the whole thing together this time, actually get some things on the walls and try to make it our little grown up sanctuary instead of this blank space that has no real identity. I’m thinking doing a mood board to figure it out…

Anyone else struggling with a space or a direction to go?  How do you work it out?

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