Our First Anniversary

Sunday was Jake and I’s first wedding anniversary!  A year has gone by so fast and before we get out of this week and it’s even further behind us, I wanted to share what we did to celebrate such a wonderful event in our lives.

When it comes to things like anniversary’s and Christmas we usually have a discussion over what we’re each thinking – few gifts? lots of gifts? trip? dinner? something for the house? Since we are young home owners and there’s no end to projects around here, it’s easier to defer money to things like the yard, a patio, new windows, etc.  For our first anniversary, though, we didn’t want to do that, so we decided to do our absolutely favorite thing – spend time together.  Awweee!  (I know, I know, we drip with cheese!)  I know it’s just us in our house and we should see each other plenty, but we work and workout and clean and well… live a normal life, so sometimes it’s just nice to get away and unplug from everything.

We got engaged in York, Maine and it is absolutely one of our favorite places to go.  We’ve been going up there for a weekend here or there for years and we always seem to choose to go in the winter, so it seemed perfect for us to head up there for our anniversary.  Given it’s only an hour or so away from us, it’s a great little get-away!  We could’ve stayed in a hotel…but on our anniversary we were craving a little more privacy than that, you know?

So we rented this house:


It was beautiful!  Let’s take a quick tour:

Rockers Living 3 Living 1 Kitchen

And the VIEW!


We spent a lot of time in those rockers just listening to music, sharing some wine, and talking.  We lucked out with a gorgeous weekend and were close enough to walk to the Nubble Lighthouse, so off we went!


We took some goofy selfies while we remembered our terrible cold-rainy-awful feeling engagement photo session we had there last year.  Some day I’ll share those photos…maybe.  Some nice people came along and took a proper photo of us, though!

Nubble1 Nubble2 Nubble3

We just enjoyed being out and about with such gorgeous weather in November!  I just LOVE these Oceanside villages.

Barn Barn1 Boathouse Boathouse1 Boathouse2 Boathouse3

To celebrate our Anniversary, we did the usual stuff you would do.. you know… puzzles!

PuzzlerPuzzler (2)

Jake actually finished this long after I gave up.  He just couldn’t let it go!  He used to work on puzzles with his grandmother growing up.  I learned something new about my hubby after all these years too!  🙂

We had frozen our wedding cake topper since it’s made of fondant and it held up really well!  We did not, however, freeze our cake top.  Nope-we ate that before we left on our honeymoon!  So we ordered another small red-velvet cake from the same bakery and had a new cake to celebrate with!  We love this cake topper.. it didn’t come out exactly as we envisioned (golf bag), but we affectionately refer to this as our “Santa-sack of Woods”.


Later we exchanged gifts too.  Since we splurged on our get-away, we decided our gifts had to be in the traditional first year “paper” theme and $25.  I must say we were both quite creative!  I’ll share more one that another time, as well as an incredible creative paper-gift we also received from my twin.

Our first married year was incredible and I wouldn’t change a thing!  It was wonderful to take time out and enjoy each others company, share laughs and memories, toasts and just appreciate “us” and our love for one-another.  We are truly blessed!


Happy First Anniversary, Hubs!

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