Halloween Tid-bits

Happy Halloween!  Here it is the 31st and I haven’t watched ONE scary movie!  I might have to subject my sister to Young Frankenstein tonight while I help her pass out candy at her house.  I love seeing all the little kids dressed up and so excited for treats.  Let’s hope the rain holds off for them!

I did get to carve a pumpkin for my sister’s house since we don’t get any trick-or-treaters on our little lane in town.  My mom, sister, and I had fun doing this together. My twin is notorious for not quite executing pumpkin carving and this year was no exception.  As she was trying to pull out the design she carved in she sighs, “I forgot to cut the top off and empty him out!” to which my mom compulsively yells out, “YOU ALWAYS MESS IT UP!”.  We all laughed so hard… it never fails – every year she misses some step!  No pictures of course.  I was too busy laughing and was excited to nab pictures of the pumpkin seeds I was roasting!  Love them!


I did receive a couple of pictures of other family pumpkins they carved, though!  My parents carved some lovely jack-o-lanterns and I suspect that’s my baseball loving father who got into the World Series spirit!


My brother’s family also sent around their pictures of amazing pumpkins.  I suspect they use stencils (faux pas!), but we’ll give them props anyway.  They look fantastic!  🙂


This year there are 3 pumpkins for them!  One for this little monster:


She’s so dang cute!! (And who else is loving that Ikat-ish pillow in the back??)  Speaking of other gorgeous nieces, my other one was in a very dramatic version of Alice in Wonderland as Tweedle Dee last weekend!  It looks a little gothic, but it was the more serious book version and not the Disney version (think Johnny Depp) .


She and Tweedle Dum were fantastic and the best part of the show! (I’m not bias at ALL!)  Dee’s on the right, Dum’s on the left.  I got their autograph on a restaurant receipt, so guess I’ll have to keep that around for future pawning after she’s famous.  🙂

So, there’s a little family recap of Halloween-ish fun!  Maybe rather than Young Frankenstein we’ll just watch Johnny Depp’s Alice in Wonderland… looks spooky enough!

What are you guys up to?  Do you go all out and have spiders crawling up your house? A graveyard? Fog machine?  Can’t wait to see the kiddos!  Jake and I are celebrating our one year anniversary this weekend, so I’ll be back next week to share the little trip we’re taking!  Have a great rest of the week and weekend!

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  1. Love all the photos. Great recap of our family’s enjoyment of Halloween. Was just telling someone this morning that we used to ask the trick-or-treaters to vote on the best pumpkin. (Keeping in mind that in those days we would put out 6 creative works of art.) Such a fun holiday and sets the stage for the best holidays to come.

  2. GO SOX!! And those are NOT stencils. That’s free hand work from the new dad. My office dressed up like a can of sardines. Pretty finny as well. Happy Halloween!!

  3. Happy Halloween!! And yes…my pumpkin did suffer from the “Nique effect.” I’ll never understand why carving a pumpkin is so challenging for me – but you guys love it! Photos look great and you can take picks from my house tonight. 80 goodie bags of candy packed and ready to go!

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