Reining in the Rakes

Let’s face it, we all have those spaces that accumulate stuff until they get overwhelming.  I tend to post about them.  I can’t help it.  There is something so satisfying about getting a space neat, organized and orderly!  This weekend we tackled our shed.

DSCN3009 DSCN3008

Ouch.  This has been bothering me for quite some time, but for some reason I had to talk Jake into cleaning it.  I think he found it as overwhelming as I did initially.  But that’s why he married me…so I can be ridiculously obsessive about having tidy spaces and he doesn’t have to worry about it.  In fact, I like it so much maybe that’s why it gets to disaster mode in the first place – so I can clean it!

Anyhoo, we started by emptying the entire shed out and organizing things into piles.  Tools, yard stuff, trash, home improvement, spare lumber… we just kept piling until our yard looked like this.


Ahhhh… that’s better.


We gave it a nice clean sweep out and decided to start with our one full wall (the other walls have shelves on them) and organize rakes, shovels, axes, saws, tools, etc.  We used nails to hang up most of the pieces.

DSCN3013 DSCN3014

From our giant pile of scrap wood I pulled some narrow pieces out and cut them to fit in front of the studs to help contain some of the smaller items or group things like the yard rakes, etc, together.  Now our little pile of axes won’t spill out all over the place.


The other side of the shed has some really useful deep shelving that is great for larger stuff, but we still needed a few more shelves to help get some things off the floor.  I cut some scrap 2x4s and then we screwed them in between the walls studs with wood screws to give us some additional non-invasive shelving.

DSCN3017 DSCN3020

As we got spaces set up and de-cluttered I would give a little jump-clap-happy-dance and wait for my high five from my hubby to which I continuously got a strange face and some “oh lovey” in return.  Yup.  I really do enjoy this cleaning and organizing stuff!  And yes, that is a small fridge in our shed.  It’s for yard-beer.  Don’t judge.

We just moved everything back in and put back what spare wood was reasonable to keep or in good shape and moved the big boys (snow blower and lawnmower) back in.

DSCN3022 DSCN3023

I’m happy.  🙂  It’s a crooked little shed with a sloping roof and a rotting floor, but it’s all we have for now, so need to make the best of it!  I might wander out there and look at it again before the temperature drops 20 degrees tomorrow…

You guys getting out there and getting things put away for *sniff* winter?  Are you closet organization lovers too?!?!

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  1. If your Dad doesn’t clean the garage once a week, he goes into withdrawal mode. You are your father’s daughter. I could see it in the shelves and the masterful way you organized everything and there’s still room for more. Well done. Now you can come to NH and help me with closets. XXX

  2. The day I did my garage I stood in the driveway staring into it like it was art. LOVE the compartments you make for rakes and axes and stuff!!

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