Oktoberfest Party & Jam Jar Candles

The end of our super long week last week had a much needed happy ending.  Jake and I threw our first party at our house – an Oktoberfest Party!  And I’ll tell ya – we had a hell of a time!  Beers, brats, sauerkraut, spaetzle, pretzles – you name it, we had it and even had polka music playing!  But did I take pictures?  Nope.  Not a one.  Bad, bad blogger.  But even without the evidence it was fun, everyone had a good time and there were kids and dogs all over the place.  We needed the let-loose time with friends and family so I’m thankful we had the party and it was such a success!

DSCN2937Mmmmm….. Anyway, I did do a couple of things to get the outside of the house ready and even managed to photograph one project, so here it is!


Super simple and super elegant outdoor candles for your fence or to hang from a sturdy tree or your porch ceiling – really any place that you’d like that festive glow!  Pottery Barn sells a version of theirs for $10 EACH.

PBMasonJarCandlesSuper cute, but I knew I could do something similar for not much more than that for the whole yard.  I picked up a dozen mason jars and some heavier duty wire that I found in the floral section at Michaels.  The jars were $18 total for 12 with a 40% off coupon, so $10.80 for all of them, and about $3.99 for one spool of wire.  You’ll also need some ribbon (I used what I had on hand), wire cutters, and a pair of pliers (and candles of course).


Take the tops off all your jars and measure a length of the wire plus a few extra inches to make the hanging loops.  Then use the plier to bend one side into a loop, then the other and secure the wire around the lowest level of threads on the jar.  Make sure it’s pretty secure and once you screw the main part of the mason jar cap back on it keeps the wire in place.


Then cut a length of some ribbon, twine or additional wire if you have it and tie it in between the loops at whatever height you’d like to hang it.  Pop in some votive or small pillar candles and you’re good to go!   I used some ribbon, some twine… once it’s dark you don’t really see it so doesn’t make much difference, really.


You can see one of them hanging in the daylight in the back of this picture below.


Thank you Martha Stewart for the chalkboard labels I put on each of plastic beer “steins” so guest could keep track of their own drinks!  Back to the candles, though, they worked out great!


We also light our yard torches up at each corner of the patio and had a firepit going all night long.  It provided light and kept people warm!  (sorry for the blurry night photography!)


We did a mockup the night before since we had the keg time.  Oh, another tip my sister told me is to add a bit of water in the bottom so your candle wax won’t stick if they get all melted down!


Handy little trick that is!  So these can be used again and again, or you can add some water and flowers to make hanging vases during a bridal shower or a summer brunch and that would be just charming too!

So those were my quick versions for just about $15 total for 12 of them!  We’re getting ready to pack up the patio this week, so will store them away for next year, but they were a pretty and festive addition to our first Oktoberfest Party! We may just throw this party every year!  🙂

Have a great weekend!

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