It’s Been Nearly a Year?!?!

I’m putting a pause on the wreathing and crafting because our wedding anniversary is ONE MONTH AWAY!!  We were married November 3 on a gorgeous day in Rockport, MA (mentioned here) and I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year already!


As with most brides, the months prior were incredibly busy with projects, projects and more projects!  I was lucky to have my amazing Mom and incredible sisters (plus one gorgeous niece) to help with many of them! I’ll admit that I am a little obsessed with paper projects.  I love designing things in Photoshop and Indesign and choosing just the right medium to put it on.

Invite Whole

I designed our name fonts using 3 or 4 different styled fonts and altering the size, width, slant, etc.  I was a little font obsessed, but seriously this is my idea of “fun” so I didn’t mind the hours it took me one bit!


We opted to go with a pocket fold invitation and designed the different tiers of information for the pocket to have the flowers cascade down each of the cards.   We used our signature “love bird” symbol and some red cardstock to make the belly bands that held the whole thing together.  As I mentioned here, we used a nice red patterned paper and we cut out our own envelope liners to further personalize the whole thing.  All of the printing was done on our home Epson printer.

Invites Closed

To convey the donation we made in honor of Jake’s mother as our favors, we placed a couple of pieces of maple sugar candy from my home state of NH in little jewelry boxes, attached photos of Jake and his mom to them with the dedication printed on the back and tied the whole thing up with a little red bow.  Maple sugar candy just says “fall” to me, plus the NH origin, the photos of he and his mom…well, it was just an elegant combo of he and I, we thought.


What a cute kid, huh?  Outside the patio doors we also put out a big basket of shawls in our wedding colors of blue and red and attached a little tag as an incentive for our guests to nab one.  It was a chilly November evening, after all!

Shawls 2 Shawls 1

And of course there were programs for the ceremony.


Instead of a guest book, we used a wood canvas that we could hang in our home and see everyday. Again I had some fun with fonts and I transferred text and wood burned on the words, then my dad stained it for us so it was nice and smooth.

Sign 2Sign

There were a few kids at our wedding and we wanted them to feel welcome and happy!  We decided to make a little gift bag for each of them with a disposable camera, a homemade coloring book (I found the idea on one of my searches) and a small unique gift inside. They were a hit!


You know what they say – More is well, more, so that’s what we did.  More!  We were having an after party at an adjacent house and while walking over there, we wanted a sparkler “send-off” of sorts.  I designed a sparkler sleeve and after they were printed I embossed the “sparkle” using an embossing pen and sparkly red embossing powder.




We also made out-of-town boxes for guests that were staying over and there was no end to the craziness!  I ordered plain white treat boxes and then went to town on them with paper lace, embossing stamps, labels and fonts… you name it!

OOT Boxes

Every box was different and the gals then went assembly line style and stuffed them with goodies!  Each of these fun projects had help one way or another!  The ladies in my family who collectively made up my wedding party were there to help me cut, prune, stick, glue, tie and stuff nearly all of this! I could not have done all of this without them and will be forever grateful of their support with all my crazy ideas!

We’re really looking forward to celebrating our anniversary next month!  We’ve decided to do something special rather than big gifts so I look forward to sharing that with you to when the time comes. Thanks for letting me go down memory lane for a bit…it’s fun to remember all those details that may not be so noticeable to everyone, but really did make the day memorable for us.


I have an amazing husband and family and am so thankful!  Anyone else do some crazy projects for their wedding and DIY the heck out of it?  There are just so many great ideas out there to take inspiration from!

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  1. This is one of my favorite blogs! I love the photo montage and the paper crafts were GORGEOUS! In your case, you need to quit your day job and create wedding invitations, boxes, kids books, etc for EVERYONE’s weddings and party planning events. They are truly spectacular!!

  2. It was so nice walking through memory lane and remembering the fun of cutting, clipping and helping in our small way to put together the beautiful and special details leading up to the event. Love seeing all your creative ideas come to life. You would make an awesome event planner, you don’t miss one detail. Here’s to many more events and hopefully a w career in your future.

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