Autumn Hydrangea Wreath

When I saw this wreath on Pinterest I knew immediately that I wanted to make one!  I did a little more Pinterest digging (Pinteresting?) and found a tutorial on another bloggers website showing just how easy it was.  Here’s how my version came out:


I was spending the day crafting with my twin sister and here’s how hers came out, too:


Equally gorgeous and it was nice that were able to make them a little different and our own styles, so you can see you can really do this with whatever flowers you want!  We started with a trip to Michaels and fluttered out way through the floral section to pick out what we wanted (anyone else pick up the butterfly reference? No?).  As luck would have it, all of these flowers were 60% off, so each hydrangea was $2.79, down from $6.99!  I picked up a grapevine wreath that was $4.99, but after a 40% off coupon from my app, it was only $2.99.  All in all, this wreath was $19.73.  That’s a long ways away from the $80 I saw them going for on Etsy!  Total list of supplies:

  • grapevine or straw wreath form
  • faux hydrangea flowers (I used 6, but8 or 9 would fill a whole wreath form)
  • glue gun
  • scissors


Seriously, that’s it!  To start cut all your flowers down to a shorter stem length that won’t poke through the reverse of the wreath and cut the leaves off the stems as well.  Use a good pair of scissors or wire cutters for this.  There’s a wire in the stem of the flowers that can damage a good pair of, say, sewing scissors (still haven’t forgotten this, Mom).


And yes, drink wine when you’re creating something pretty!  Then just start placing your flowers around your wreath to get a spacing and pattern you are happy with. I placed a flower then some leaves, a flower then some leaves, etc, but I hadn’t glued anything down until I was sure I liked what I saw.



Then I just pulled it apart and started adding a small amount of glue and placing everything back onto the wreath!  It’s as easy as that!  For the empty corner I was left with I added a small bunch of pinecones to add more of that fall feel.  I stole them from another project I was doing, so I’m counting them as “free”. 🙂DSCN2885 DSCN2881

Just look at that prize winning pig!

At home, I just used a light colored burlap ribbon and hung my new fall décor in the dining room window and voila!

DSCN2893 DSCN2892

That’s a pretty good looking $20 décor item that I can stow away and have for years!  What do you think?  Are you crafting anything fun for fall or Halloween?  Do you bother to decorate for this season or are just on countdown to Christmas?

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