Autumn Accents

The front of the house is looking so fall inspired so you may have noticed in yesterdays pictures that we added a few things to make the inside feel fall-ish and festive.  I’m still working on a few things and may have a project or two up my sleeve for this weekend, but so far we’ve update the mantle and built-ins with just a few touches.


I moved our PB quirky birds upfront since they’re sort of like blackbirds. I love these guys…so much that when they went out of stock online I nearly stole the ones I got for my mother before I finally found them on ebay.  That’s right.  I woulda stolen from my MOM for them that’s how much I love them.

We picked up a whole kit-and-kaboodle of mini pumpkins and I filled our candle lantern to the brim with them for a spalsh of color and cuteness.   We also placed this German Bier stein up front too since it’s that  Oktoberfest time of year!


The hearth got decorated with a couple of wicker pumpkins and our hearth cricket.


We’re more of fall lovers, rather than Halloween lovers, but since October is nearly here (and that’s scary enough!) I put our spooky black owl on the coffee table with a small handcrafted ceramic pumpkin we picked up in Maine the weekend we got engaged.  We got engaged in December, but bought this pumpkin, so oddly I remember it!


Our dining room has gotten a few little accents too with a some pumpkins in the hutch and a mixture of orange and white pumpkins on the table.

DSCN2809 DSCN2812

Nothing earth shattering but the few touches reflect the season a bit and spruce up our spaces a little.  I’m headed to Michaels this weekend which will undoubtedly result in more decor and a project to share.  I can’t help myself!


Are you still getting ready for fall?  Aren’t the little white pumpkins the cutest??  It’s a Thursday that feels like a Friday today, but we’re getting there!!

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