They’re painted and hung, let’s call this done!

Well… maybe!  🙂  But, yes, we finally finished painting all the window trim and getting tour curtains hung up again!


Admittedly this took me a lot longer to finish than I anticipated – each window needed three coats!  We use Sherwin Williams Super Paint which is paint and primer in one and for some reason three coats was still necessary to give it that nice pure finish we were looking for.

First we filled all the nails holes with spackle and sanded. Your fingers work great for this project, but it’s messy!  Oh, we use the pink spackle that turns white when it’s dry!  Love a product that speaks to you!

DSCN2798I taped off the new windows so I could be a bit less particular in painting, but I didn’t tape the walls.  They were going to require touch-ups anyway from any additional caulking the installers placed around the trim, so I figured I’d do trim first and walls second.


Then up went all three coats with dry-time in-between.  In this shot here you can (sorta) the touch-ups needed on the walls if you look at the left side of the frame.


Wall touch-ups were actually very quick and painless!  I’m good with a brush for this type of application, so I didn’t tape the new trim and just free-handed it to get the walls done.  The wall touch-ups only took one coat.


Seriously, this took less time than hanging curtains!  2 hours later last night, the curtains were hung and we had our privacy back!  Yay!! This time around I hung the sheers still in front of the windows for privacy, but I placed the curtain panels wider on each side to make the window look wider.


What do you think?  I need to move the art around now and I’m honestly a little sad I lost the look of these awesome windows we had installed!  So all in all, I’m not 100% sure the sheers will stay or if I’ll replace them with a roman shade or shutter or something that could stay open during the day, but give us privacy at night.  Also, I had thought about adding additional trim at the top of the window, but once you get the rods up that detail is lost! But all in all, Yay! for privacy!  Especially now that it’s getting dark so early!!

What do you think?  Should the sheers stay or go?  What would you do?

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