Come and Knock on Our Door

We painted it a new hue…Where the kisses are hers and hers and his… Three’s company too.

See what I did there?  Changing a verse and all?  Terrible.  Was it as bad as the Chrissy switch from Susanne Somers to Priscilla Barnes?  Or Janet’s hair?  Classic show.  It was on the other night and I couldn’t help myself.  Let us never forget what good slap-stick humor can do for the soul!

So onto the house update – we painted our front door!DSCN2584

Our front door was previously white and I have to say, I hated it.  I do not like that oval piece of glass and it by no means fits the style of our house at all.  Butbgetting a new door is further on down the line when we do some other front portico updates that we keep thinking about.  So we went for the quick easy $0 fix and painted it black.

To start I cleaned the front door to remove all the dust, dirt and grime that had accumulated and decided to tape the oval off to make clean up a little easier.


One of the steps I could have taken to make painting even easier would have been to sand down the surface a little bit so the paint would adhere easier.  These types of doors (metal)  come factory finished where the paint is basically heat baked on and not painted conventionally.  So the finish is super smooth and very durable when you get your door.  I was impatient, however, and dove right into painting. We used the same Glidden trim and door paint we choose to redo our bathroom vanity and cupboard and had plenty left which is why this was $0.


It is a glossier paint but the camera was really picking that up far more than it is in person.  You can see from that last picture how patchy it went on since I was so impatient and didn’t sand first.  I persevered however, gave it an hour and did another coat.


It still wasn’t enough to cover.  It’s hard to capture the trouble areas in photos, but I have this awful photo to show you how streaky and patchy it was in person.


This type of paint is an oil based gel paint and takes quite a while to dry.  It’s also stinky and not very VOC friendly so make sure it’s a well ventilated area.  I simply left the front door open for about 4 hours to let it dry before closing it up for the night.


When I had a few minutes at the end of Labor Day weekend, I grabbed my brush and applied the last coat to get’er done.


We are thrilled that this $0 update has made us love like our front door for now!  I don’t even mind the oval glass so much!  The hook on the glass is for wreaths to hang and hide the hideous glass decorate the front stoop a bit and now I can’t wait to get something fall-ish up there and mums planted in the window boxes.  Here’s our before and after:



Ahhh… much better.  We’re thinking we’re going to paint the inside of the door black as well so will have to do that at some point.  Good thing is, this can of paint seems endless so it will also be another $0 project!

So what do you think?  Do you like the black or the white better?  Suzanne or Priscilla as Chrissy? Did Jack ever tell Mr. Roper he wasn’t what he thought???  I can’t remember…off to watch some TV Land.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I completely forgot about that show! Wow. Suzanne was a better Chrissy…hate to say that, but she was. Love the black!! A nice change. Fall is around the corner and a wreath will look really good on the door. Looks great!

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