Like sands through the hour glass…


Is anyone else feeling like time is just flying by this year?  It’s August, 29.  the 29th!  This weekend is Labor Day weekend.  As in September.  I’m sorry for stating these facts so bluntly, but have you ever had that moment where you just realize it all and say, “have you got to be kidding me?!?!”?  Well, I just did.  I hate when time does this – gives me that feeling that I haven’t done enough, haven’t accomplished enough, haven’t made the phone calls I wanted or connected with people I’ve missed, and mostly – did I take the time to appreciate all that’s happened so far this year?  Did I say thank you enough?  Have I kissed my husband enough and told him how much he is loved?

The good news is that we’re heading into fall.  And something about that makes you jump start your motivation and ambition level a little bit.  So this list of goals I never made at New Years I’m thinking about making now.  Rather thank focusing on what I haven’t done, I’m focusing on what I still have time to do!  It’s time to refresh and renew and after this one last weekend of “summer” it’s definitely time to put plans into action.

As far as saying thank you goes; thank you, my few readers, for keeping me going!  You are loved and kissed and appreciated by me!  And if you’re feeling a little behind or unorganized, march into fall with me with new determination!  It’s time for a fresh start on the season!

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  1. Hear hear!! I’m right there with you on both fronts. Where has the time gone this year?!? And it’s high time I take back the reigns and finish the year strong and productive! Thanks for the kick into gear!

  2. I am blessed to be married to this wonderful women and yes I know I am loved very much!! Time does feel that it is flying by but I know I am having the time of my life!!

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