Dishin’ things up

I got to do a little shopping this weekend and it was high time I put away those Christmas dishes that have been left on the hutch since…well, Christmas.   My sister and I were in Home Goods around the clearance area and came across a few pieces that I thought would do the trick for that happy spring/summer vibe!


The aquas and blues are just the color I wanted to pull into the dining room since we have a touch of it in the rug in the adjacent living room.  Each plate has a different design so they just stacked nicely on the shelf.  My intentions aren’t to use them for dining – they’re strictly decorative, so I only picked up these two plates just to decorate the back of the hutch.20130827_19011520130827_190036

To accent them and give the hutch some more “filler” I picked up these adorable little white bowls that stand on little pedestals.  I can just see them filled with ice cream or a warm soup! And since they’re white they should go with any seasonal decorating.  You know, in case I decide I actually want to move on and decorate the hutch for fall by New Year’s.


Both of the decorative plates ran me $7 total and each bowl was only $4 each, so this “spring” mix-up was only $23!


I know, I know.. I still have a Santa wine stopper in a bottle on the top of the hutch.  I never said I was perfect!  🙂  There’s still a lot more I want to get to in the dining room.. it’s just feels undefined still and we haven’t really made it our own.  I’m also still not sure how much further I want to go with the hutch.  I’d love for the light to spill down all the shelves, which may mean some trimming on the depth of some of these in order.  And I’m still not entirely convinced I don’t want to paint the back of the inside a color or apply a decorative wall paper (like this, this,  or even this).  But for now, it’s nice to see the Christmas decor go away lighten up!  Perhaps I’ll find some fall plates too and catch up to Mother Nature!

Ever have a space that’s just not evolving for you?  How do you wrangle in  your vision to get to something that works?

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