Lakeside Wining, Dining & Farming It Up!

While we were up in Sandy Creek, NY we took an opportunity to shop, yes, but also visit some wineries in the area.  The cottage was quite close to the Lake Ontario Wine Trail, so while we were out and about in Rochester one day and up in Watertown another, we decided to stop and see what the area had to offer!  #longpostlotsofphotos

The first vineyard we visited was called Thorpe Vineyard on the Lake Ontario wine trail.


It was a smaller winery located right off lake Ontario.  They produce some nice wines including the Cayuga Lake white that we both liked.  All the production is done by a small staff in their barns onsite.  They grow some of their own grapes and also purchase grapes from other growers.

DSCN2464 DSCN2467 DSCN2469

It’s also near Chimney Bluffs which we were told (repeatedly) we could hike to. It was quite a bit windy that day, as you’ll see, and we weren’t exactly equipped for hiking through the water, onto a beach and up a slope to see these bluffs, but it sounded very pretty.  We were also told there were bald eagles up there, which was a first, so that’s pretty neat too.  All we saw of eagles were the ones in clock form though.


DSCN2474 DSCN2477

We opted to save the bluffs for another visit and head home to enjoy our bounty!


(this is probably the most pictures of me you’ll every see… I’m in a sharing mood!)  On another golf day (that we’re not discussing our scores of) we headed to Yellow Barn Winery right after.  Now this place was cute and we may or may not have brought back gifts for the wine lovers around us!  They have a Red Buggy wine that was very good and again, Jake found a white he really liked.

DSCN2514 DSCN2513

We were herded in and out basically because there was a tour bus coming, so I didn’t get any pictures of the inside.  But aptly named isn’t it?  It was rustic and beautiful.

Now, you would never ever truly guess this, but you know how Old MacDonald had a farm (and is bad at spelling) but did you know it’s in Watertown NY?!?!?  I sh*t you not, my friends!


And it’s the real deal!  We grabbed some of the biggest freshly picked ears of corn we’d ever seen!


(seriously, how cute is my husband?? #handsoffhesmine) And some fresh cheese curds, of course.


Great place for families and kids if you’re in the area.  Farm and animal tours, mini golf, bouncy houses – the work for tuckering out the kiddos.  We didn’t think you’d believe us that the corn was ginormous, so we scaled it next to a wine bottle for you.



So we’ve wined and we’ve farmed, but what did we dine on?  When we went to Rochester we had what is known as a “garbage plate” from Nick Tahou Hots.  Go ahead and google it… it’s real.  And it’s…. interesting.


We got the classic garbage plate, the cheeseburger garbage,  to share since this was really about the experience.  Those of you who are health nuts you may want to look away… it ain’t pretty.


Can you blame me for not wanting my own one of these?  It’s basically hash browns (they say tots, I say not), macaroni salad, cheeseburgers, spicy meat sauce, and mustard.  You’re thinking what I’m thinking, right?  Yup.  The mustard makes this “dish”.


Ok not really, but you only live once, right? (or yolo for all you youngsters out there)  I can’t lie.. we didn’t finish it.


My man has a stomach of steel for getting as far as he did.  I had some then went for the bread and butter it came with!  🙂  The combination of warm “stuff” with cold macaroni salad was definitely unlike an experience I’ve had.  Even when I went to Budapest… (fat is NOT meat, people!)

We had a lot of fun wining, dining and farming, but you won’t even believe this… there’s more that I just cannot smack you with now since this post seems absurdly long, but will post quickly about later today!  Just too many cute picture to not share with you are and I darest not drag our NY vacation into next week!  There’s home renos to get to!  For now, back to the dock!


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    1. Notice in the picture though, how Jake is leaning forward waiting to dive in and the photo of it done, you see how he’s leaning back in the booth. ha ha that’s so him at every meal! 🙂

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