Lakeside Shopping

Bigger coffee cups were a must, as I mentioned yesterday.  We headed down the road to none other than Woody’s Tackle Shop – your source for live bait and gifts!


We did indeed buy some live bait here, but I was most intrigued by the gifts!  I mean, Christmas is comin’ fast and I have a grab gift to get stocked up for! In the home decor department we had a WIDE range of chachkies to choose from!

This clock pay homage to our national bird and would look lovely next to your next taxidermy moose head.


Or  you could just forget the convenience and functionality of a clock and go for “the power of nature” look.


Those statues too big for your space?  Well, you could always find room for a well placed stuffed llama or monkey.


Or a giggling elephant might suit your fancy better.



The clothing department also entranced us with some carefully worded options.

DSCN2438 DSCN2444

I’m not sure there’s many men out there who would stop long enough to read the instructions, but the one who does is getting a good bit of advice!  About FISHING, people!  Get your minds out of the gutter…

Of course the general home improvement section has some woodsy upgrades that we were quite fond of.  Wind chimes, stained glass and this sucker here that we might actually have bought had we owned a real mail post!


Woody’s was all about proud self-advertising as well.  Nothing like a positive endorsement!


And perhaps the item that entranced us enough to possibly consider chucking the whole urban lifestyle and remake ourselves into woodsy all-Americans was this guy:


Seriously, he almost came home with us.  Haven’t I mentioned that I like a touch of whimsey???  We left Woody’s with our bait, a couple signature coffee mugs, and me mentally redecorating in hunter plaids and camo…

I’ll give you the final wrap up of our vacation tomorrow, but I hope you’re having a great Thursday!  Weekend’s almost here!

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