Royal Rooms

It’s an exciting day with another member of the royal family on the way!  I actually feel a little bad for Duchess Kate who is in labor and has the media outside talking about her cervix. Poor thing.  Well, as we wait for a healthy baby girl or boy, let’s pay tribute by looking at a few “royal” rooms and ideas today found on Houzz!


Royal Blue Door – adds a charming pop of color to welcome friends!


Royal Blue Living Room – I’m loving the view through this wall of glass!!


Charming royal blue and white antique style bedroom.


This gorgeous kitchen island is painted “Palais Royal” in satin finish, by Ralph Lauren


Check out that unique stone counter and back splash!


Just gorgeous. Yes, please.

Best of luck to Kate and William!  The world will certainly be watching to see what the next line of royalty brings!  I hope you all have a great day!

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