Birdies, Baby

Ever dream about a movie as if you are watching it?  Last night I dreamt about Dirty Dancing. You know that scene where Johnny finds baby napping in the clubhouse and tells her that they caught the Schumachers, but he’s out anyway since he was sleeping with Baby?  Yeah, for some reason I played that whole scene in my head while I was sleeping.  What does that have to do with today’s post?  Absolutely nothing. I blame it on the heat.

Anyhoo, I did a quick little project this week to update some ceramic birds I picked up at Michaels for 40% off.  I think I picked both of them up for about $4 total.


They were cute colors, but I thought they were be cuter painted all white, so I broke out some white spray paint + primer in one and gave them 3 quick light coats of glossy white paint.

DSCN2209 DSCN2211

This Birdie was supervising.


And now I’ve got 2 cute little white birds to put out in the dining room!

DSCN2214 DSCN2215 DSCN2216

I would’ve given you a full shot of the hutch, but then I’d have to fess up to the fact that my Christmas dishes are still on the bottom shelf.  Well, cat’s outta the bag now!  Christmas in July, anyone?

Have a great weekend!  🙂

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