Thrifty Finds: Dresser

My mom and my sisters went to Brimfield last weekend and got some pretty good deals while they were there.  I opted to play golf with Jake and my dad (very poorly I might add), but we had a nice day out there and a very nice lunch together.  Wanting a small dresser for our mudroom/entry and since I passed on the largest antique fair in the world, I did what any self-respecting DIY shopper does and searched on Criagslist.  I came across this cute little piece that looked like it needed a little love.


Full disclosure…my bargaining failed me here and I blurted out “Would you take $75?” when I should’ve said, “How’s $40?” and started from there.  So I paid $75, but it’s still a good price.  Right?


We got it home and put it in the driveway for now since we have no rain in sight for a bit and it has that. well….”antique smell”.  It definitely needs some work!  It’s scratched and worn, the drawer stops need reattaching, the key holes don’t work, and the bottom drawer is both cracked and broken.

DSCN2220 DSCN2221 DSCN2222 DSCN2226 DSCN2228

But it’s got some great details too!  The drawer construction is what thrills me the most!  This piece has pin and cove dovetail joints which I read about here and were popular only in the US in the 1870’s to 1890’s.


Learn something new every day!  But how neat is that to have a piece of hand-crafted work from over 100 years ago??  I like my machine made furniture too, but there’s something charming about a few well loved and historic pieces.  I have a few ideas for what I want to do with it once I get it all cleaned, repaired and fixed up!  Of course, I’ve spent some time on Pinterest



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What do you think?  I think I’m leaning towards yellow…maybe.  🙂 Have any Craigslist or antique makeovers to share?  How about any great finds?

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