New Windows (interiors this time!)

As I mentioned yesterday, the full-frame replacement windows we went with in the living room, dining room, and upstairs in the office involved a full removal of the interior and exterior trim work and cutting into the siding.  #evenlongerpostwarning


So all of this needed to be refinished to polish off how pretty it looks on the outside!


As part of our package our installation crew was also trimming out the interior and since it never hurts to ask, I inquired as to whether or not they could do something new for me, or did I have to keep with the same style trim we had installed in the house previously?  The answer was, “show me a picture and we’ll do whatever you want.”  No. Bargaining. Needed.  We just LOVED our installation crew!

Our previous trim was nice, but pretty standard and didn’t really allow for any sort of window sill.  At Christmas I’ve been taping my Christmas candles to the interior window framing so they’ll stay in place!  I love a house full of white Christmas candles and love the look of a nice sturdy sill always dresses up a window.

Window trim
Before – standard colonial type trim, no window sills

Since the outside of our house was an “other” it’s pretty safe to say the inside is an “other” in terms of style as well.  While the trim was being removed, it was the prefect time to look for a change and start to upgrade what we could.  I’ve been pinning different types of trim on Pinterest for a while and looking for inspiration on more of a cratsman style like these.

  • this window trimmed out around those bookcases – gorgeous!
  • these windows and doors are trimmed out beautifully!
  • here’s a glimpse at a door, wainscoting and window that have these great details as well.

I thought the look would be a perfect compliment to our fabulous built-ins and really give the rooms a polished look. I downloaded a catalog from Fine Home Building and was able to give it to the carpenters to replicate in a basic form and they delivered!

DSCN2153 DSCN2143

It adds an amazingly sophisticated look to the window and the sills are at least 4″ deep now!  Plenty of room for Christmas candles!  🙂


When I say basic, what I mean is in the links above you can see more decorative trimmed sills and a crown molding look at the top of the window.  I was really fine with them taking is as far as they have and we just love it.  We have left it open and unpainted for now because we might still add more detail ourselves and semi-DIY this the rest of the way!  🙂

DSCN2200 DSCN2201

But for now, we are loving getting to look at these gorgeous windows and the details with no curtains or sheers up – they look amazing and were worth every penny!


Speaking of pennies here’s a recap of our experience:

  1. Salesman (Will)- prompt, courteous, professional, and really informative.  He was a salesman though for sure, and they are just part of life.  He’s the one you negotiate with.  Sortof remember it’s like buying a car.  They have a “base price” then all these initial things to knock that number down and “promotions” that they just give you.  Be bold here if you can, and negotiate down from THAT number.  If they’re willing to give away all that extra upfront without you even asking, then you know they can do even better.
  2. Measuring Guy (Ted) – here’s where the fun begins and you really get to learn something.  Again, Ted was really knowledgeable and was even great and upfront when I asked him his own opinions on number of lites, etc to choose for certain windows.  This visit gets exciting cause it begins to seem real!
  3. Communication / Installation – We got a call that our windows were ready and installation was ready to start 3 weeks ahead of schedule.  I’m no construction dummy and know that that never happens so jumped on the date they gave me.  They quoted 2 days for install, they were done in 2 days.  Here’s those hightlights:  -The crew head called me on his way to let me know what time they would be arriving – very courteous! When they got there they introduced themselves (Dave, Chris & Jose, Day 1, Chris & Mark, Day 2), walked through the job with me and got right to work.  It’s nice to know who’s working in your house so this was very nice.    -Our floors, furniture, and belongings were covered with drop cloths and plastic tarps for protection. When they were working over our bulkhead or our azaleas, they were protected.  Awesome.   -Questions – they asked questions.  They were interested if we liked it, they pointed out things they thought needed to be done over or a sash reorder made.  They bragged to each other other about their handiwork, even when I wasn’t close to earshot.  They vacuumed every day before they left and even used a blower to clean up the driveway before they pulled out.

I’d hire them again in a second if i didn’t have such an amazing dad who works with just the same care, dedication, and attention to detail!  Anyone looking for a contractor in Boston area, though, let me know and I’ll shoot you their name and number.

Overall we loved this experience and are so happy we made the decision to spend a few $$$$ more than with a regular replacement window.  You always hope you “get what you pay for”, but in this case we are 110% positive these windows will last longer in this house than we will.  Oh, and we had to keep them shut for 2 days to allow them to seal properly and we already noticed a difference with the adjacent train traveling nearby.  Such a reduction in sound it makes us anxious to get the four remaining double hung windows done before we close them up for the winter!



What a difference!  🙂

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