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You guessed it!  We got new windows!  Well, 60% of the house got new windows, so that’s quite a bit!  We wanted/needed new windows for a number of reasons. #longpostwarning

  1. Our house has an eclectic mix of casement, double hung, awning, and sliding windows.  We did not feel that these styles necessarily mixed in a good way, but it was tolerable.
  2. Weather.  Weather happens.  It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s windy, it’s rainy…and we like the weather.  Outside.  Some of our double hung windows are single pane glass and not helping us keep the warm in and the cold out during the winter.  Our casements were the same, but additionally they just weren’t letting much air or breezes in in the summertime. In order to gain more efficiency overall we would need to get more energy efficient windows.
  3. Our house is defined as “other” when it comes to house style and since we live in New England, it would be nice to put that charm and style into our home. WindowTypes

Our town is stuffed with Victorian homes, Colonials, Capes, New England Salt Box styles, split-level ranches and even a few mansions here and there.  We knew that we wanted to go with all double-hung windows everywhere since they operate easily, let lots of air in and are easy to clean with these fancy new tilt-in features.  Also, it really is going to allow us to put back that Colonial style back into the house that we were looking for.

So, we talked to a few different contractors and got a few different levels of pricing and we learned a lot. I could go on and on with the details (but feel free to ask any questions) but we ended up choosing Anderson replacement windows and our decision making came down to both quality of window/level of service as well as the area of visible glass. I’ll try to explain more as we go along.

Our main areas of focus were the living room and dining room casements, the front mud room double hungs, and the upstairs sliding window in the office.  That made for a total of 8 windows.  The front mud room was the easiest.  We didn’t need a full frame replacement here (you’ll see what that is in a minute), so they were able to simply remove the upper and lower sashes on the window and replace them with up-to-date, double pane, insulating windows with low-E glass.

 Here’s a shot from outside of the before and after!


They look great and are a seriously high-quality window!

Our living room and dining room casement windows were full-frame replacement windows.That means they not only remove the window, but they cut your siding down  all the way to the studs surrounding the opening. This allowed us to order custom sized replacement windows that included a new framed opening and keep the maximum amount of visible glass that we could.  This process requires new flashing, cutting your siding, new trim and coverage on the outside, and all new trim work on the inside of your house as well.  (That’s Chris working on the window below)

DSCN2106 DSCN2107 DSCN2109 DSCN2111


The sliding window in the upstairs office was also a full-frame replacement, but really high off the ground.  Jose worked up on a scary (but safe) platform and cut into the edge of the house with a skill saw, then removed the window.DSCN2117 DSCN2119 DSCN2120

DSCN2134 DSCN2133

I’ll add some details on the interior finishes, the choices we made, the crews that were here and our overall opinions of this process tomorrow, but are you ready for some more money shots?

DSCN2174 DSCN2178

We having been saving for this, so we splurged a little.  We both agree the quality window and installation job was so worth it, though and really can’t wait to get the remaining windows done and freshen up the whole house!  We’ll have to wait a few more months though!  🙂

What do you think?

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  1. Amazaing what windows can do to add character and class to a lovely New England home. Well done and the transformation is fabulous. You’ve given your home that great New England look it so deserves. And high performance windows is always money well spent.

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