Mason Jar Cupcakes

One of the goodies I made for our Party on the Fourth was these adorable mason jar cupcakes. They are so cute and so easy!  I think the best parts are 1) you get more frosting than a normal cupcake (and who doesn’t like that!) and 2) if you just want a bit, you can put the cap back on and save the rest for later!

DSCN2007 Here’s how I put them together: I chose to make red velvet with cream cheese frosting. First I made the cupcakes using this recipe, but scaling it back to only make 12 cupcakes.  I was making 2 other kinds so I thought 12 was plenty! I purchased my 12 4 oz ball jars from Amazon.  I’m a member of amazon prime, so get the perked 2-day shipping and they were on sale for $12.76, so that was a bargain at $1.06 per jar!


I know you can pick these up at hardware stores like Ace and even grocery stores now too.  I washed them out and got them ready for some red velvet love!

Jars - Washed

I made the cream cheese recipe also mentioned in that link above (here again) and just adjusted the sweetness to suit our tastes.  I sliced the cupcakes in half, placing 1/2 in the bottom of the jar.

Step 1

Then frosting…

Step 2

Then the remaining 1/2 cupcake (mine were super tall so I had to cut the tops off!)

Step 3

Frosting covers all imperfections, though…

Step 4

And voila!

Step 5

My extra finishing touches were easy too.  I have lots of blue ribbon on hand from our wedding and misc. projects, so I used that to secure small wooden “taster” spoons that I also picked up off of Amazon.  A package of 50 was $6.99, so $.014 a spoon and I have a bunch left for future cupcake batches!

There you have it!  Elegant little bundles of red-white-and-blue cupcakes that fit right into our party last week!

Have any great cupcake recipes to share?  link them up in the comments!

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