Fantasmic Fourth of July!

We had an awesome fourth and hope you did too!  It was so fun to spend time with family and just play some games, go swimming and see some awesome fireworks.  And it was H-O-T so the pool was definitely put to good use!

We had lots of food!  Burgers, corn on the cob, macaroni salad, potato salad (no photos, sadly, I was too hungry to take pictures, I guess!  🙂 ) But we had blueberry pie, red velvet mason jar cupcakes, watermelon salad,  cookies & cream / strawberry cupcakes, chips, popcorn – you name it! I have to say that Jake and I talked about the burgers quite a bit on our way home.  My sister ground her own meat and it was fantastic!!!

DSCN2001 DSCN2002 DSCN2003 DSCN2004

I wish I took a picture of the burgers.. .they were so good.  And there was cheese…lots of cheese offered!  We played games, too!  I printed out some free pre-made Bingo cards that I mentioned here, and picked up some silly prizes from the Dollar Store.  Our crew is full of good sports and we had lots of fun with them!


DSCN2034 DSCN2035 DSCN2031 DSCN2016 DSCN2011 DSCN2038

Hello baby-girl!  We’ll see you soon! (My sister-in-law is stunning, isn’t she?!)


There was also some corn hole action and the mother of all sports… napping.


DSCN2009 DSCN2061 Napping

The dogs had a great time too!  Monty was so well dressed for the occasion!  Lucy is always a gem and I may or may not have dumped our little one in the pool a couple of times.

Monty Lucy Birdie

We ended our awesome night with some fireworks.  Just a few…  🙂


They were gorgeous!!!

DSCN2072 DSCN2081 DSCN2092

What a fantastic fourth of July!  Great family, great fun, and great food – everything you need!  We missed my niece this year, but she was off at camp and I’m sure she had a good time!  We’ll have to set off a few fireworks for her birthday next month!

I hope you had a great holiday as well and extended it to a mini-vacation like we did!


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