Party rock is in the house…. on the 4th!

I doubt LMFAO is going to pick up my new lyrics, but let’s just say we’ve got a party Up in here! Up in here!  No?  That didn’t do it for you either?  m’kay… tough crew!

The 4th of July is seriously one of my favorite holidays, so let’s just keep talking about it as it gets closer and closer!  Our bash is usually at my parent’s house – they have an amazing yard, nice big pool and plenty of bedrooms to stash all of us and our dogs!  The party is simple, which is probably what makes it my favorite.  Key ingredients:

  1. Awesome peeps – you know who you are  😉
  2. Endless amounts of food
  3. Games, activities and music
  4. Fireworks!
  5. and of course a few cocktails never hurt!  (no worries, the firework tenders always stay way to ruin a good holiday is with a silly accident!)

We’ve been talking about our 4th party for weeks!  We all love to cook and frankly, we’re darn good at it, so food is always the #1 theme at the party (besides the peeps, obviously).  This year we decided on an all-American good old-fashioned 4th of July with good old-fashioned American fare.  So we put together a menu and sent it around to this years cooks and came up with this:


I’m excited!  Have I mentioned that??  Here’s some of the things I’ve drummed up on pinterest that are 4th of July Party Inspiring!


1. Great Party Printables! 2. This pie looks amazing! 3. Festive Sangria 4. Popcorn! 5. Great buffet setup 6. Tissue Poms are so easy and festive 7. Another great party setup 8. Watermelon Salad with a fun start theme! 9. Is there anything more all-American than cracker jacks??

Of course, I’ll share some pictures after our main event this week!  How is your 4th of July Party Planning coming??  Got anything special in the works??

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