Summer Servings: Chorizo Burgers

This weekend turned out to be gorgeous!  Plenty of sunshine and it was quite warm which made it perfect to grill up some burgers!  My man is a Weber man.  I actually think he installed a silent alarm somewhere that alerts him if I get too close to it.  Wish I was kidding.  But who’s gonna complain about a man who cooks!  Not this girl!  This weekend he cooked my sister and I up some Chorizo Burgers with Cheddar from Weber’s website.


Ain’t he so cute in his grilling apron?  🙂 Now these were some goooood burgers!  And filling!  My sister and I could only eat 1/2 of ours, but I think that’s mostly because my husband made these insanely huge and decided that a 1/2 lb burger would be ideal for each of us.  Got to love his ambition!  🙂


We’re in a Fourth of July frame of mind, so what’s better with a summer-time burger than some corn on the cob?


Yeah, I even instagramed a little collage before digging into this monstrosity!


Seriously, this was one good burger.  The sauce on it is amazing too, so don’t forget to whip that up as well!  But whatever you do, be liberal with the chorizo.  Very liberal. It is so. good.

IMAG0812 IMAG0814

Check out the recipe and add it to your burger line-up this summer!  Yum!!!

Chorizo Burgers w. Grilled Tomato & Cheddar
Chorizo Burgers w. Grilled Tomato & Cheddar

Cook anything fun this weekend?  Getting ready for some seriously Fourth of July inspired cookouts?  We can’t wait!


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