There’s a Bday Coming Our Way!

True dat! And I’m talking about a BIG bday!  Why the birthday of this fine U-S-of-A of course!  The fourth of July is one of Jake and I’s favorite holidays.  Firstly, we just love this country and are proud to be a part of it.  And secondly, it’s got the perfect combination of good weather, good food, fun, fireworks, family – you name it.  All the good clean “F’s” are there!  There’s usually swimming and backyard games, maybe some golf earlier in the day, music and lots of laughter… seriously, it’s just a holiday FILLED with fun so who couldn’t love it?

We really wanted to add a somethin’-somethin’ to the front of our house to show our patriotic spirit.  We did have our eyes on a flagpole, but unfortunately, they are all sold out the size we need, so it might have to wait until later in the year.  Second best to it in our eyes is flower box bunting that just looks so classic, traditional and homey. So boom.  We added it.


Don’t mind my crooked blinds on the inside.  I hate those things.  They have to go.  But anyway… there are other updates out here!  We left off the front with a few new azaleas and cleaning up the space a bit, but didn’t take it too much further.


So, this weekend we bit the bullet and did a bit more!


We added a cute little plant with yellow flowers (no, I don’t know the name of it!) outside of the pink azaleas and purple rhodes, added the swanky patriotic bunting and our biggest impact is in the added mulch!  We cut some edging to start to add more definition to the space and went to town mulching the area.  We still have a bit more to finish in the back and thicken up some areas (ran out of bags) but we love the way it looks so far.  We still want to add some boxwood and something that flowers real pretty and adds color.  And we’re hoping the grass fills in, obviously!

We still would love a new lamp post and all sorts of covering like I mentioned in this post, but for now, we’re taking it a weekend at a time and it’s starting to shape up!  What were you up to this weekend???

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