Wedding Mood Board

Planning a wedding is definitely a big job no matter how small you want your event to be.  It’s a lot of work.  There are so many great ideas out there and so much to look through, that can be overwhelming for sure!  What I did in order to pull a lot of the inspiring things I had together and put them in one place was to create a wedding mood board.  Sort of like a room design mood board like I did for the guest room. but completely wedding focused instead!  So without further ado, our wedding mood board (or probably the 6th iteration thereof!):

inspiration board

We knew we wanted navy blue and burgundy for our colors and chose Rockport for it’s ocean side and picturesque setting.  In the top left there are a couple of wedding invitations that I just loved and wanted to pull inspiration from.  Who doesn’t love a wedding or any setting for that matter, with lots of candles or white lights all over the place?  It’s just so beautiful!  Our wedding favors were going to be a donation (more on that later), but I still wanted something simple and tasty to box up. I love maple sugar candy and it’s just so New England and fall-ish.  There were also things that I was hoping for like a sparkler sendoff and flowers with mums and dahlias (aren’t those cranberry vase fillers a great idea?!).  I even started a small wedding binder that fit in my purse and inserted this on the cover.


I kept all our appointments, phone numbers, business cards and receipts in here and it was a perfect central spot so we didn’t loose track of anything.  The mood board was a great place to put all our inspirations and refer to them collectively just to remember what some of our original ideas were and to not get swept away!  It can be easy to see all sorts of awesomeness, but I felt it was important to return to what we first envisioned, trust our instincts, and go with that.  So simple, but this helped!

Any tips on what keeps you organized, focused and, more importantly, inspired?

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