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STD = Save the Date, people.  Get you’re head out of the gutter! 🙂  Jake and I are in the process of wrapping up some very special wedding thank you gifts for some very special people (we know we’re slow, but we love you!) and it got me thinking.  I’ve been alluding to wedding projects, but not revealing, so time to spill the beans!  First up: Our Save the Dates. So all you four readers who are not only family but helped me assemble all these lovely bits, be prepared to be warped back in time for a few days!  The rest of the week is devoted to way overdue wedding posts!

Here’s our final save the date design (our website address and my maiden name is hidden for privacy):

STD_FINAL_blurredThe hardcore truth is that the golf bag symbol was something I worked on long before we were even engaged.  Like months. *blushing* I knew we’d get there!  We love to golf so we created this symbol to sort of be our fun little theme for the wedding and for the Save the Dates.  By putting the love birds on the top hat, I got to incorporate the love bird theme.  The image is actually all separate components that I combined in photoshop and then traced and traced and recolored and repixeled until they looked pretty all together.  There’s a separate bag, clubs, hat, shoes and then the birds.  You can stop yawning, I’ll move on, but I honed some serious Photoshop skills in this process.


We used business card magnets like these that you can get at Staples for about $16 for a 50 pack.  We printed everything out on our home printer and to save myself some cutting and trimming I also picked up heavy cardstock + high gloss business card paper.  That way we could just zip them through the printer, pull them free from the perforations and then attach them to the magnet!


I worried about them actually magnetizing to the inside of the mailbox, so I mounted them on some blue card stock using semi-permanent fat glue dots (so they were slightly elevated and not glued down) and then slipped them in an RSVP size envelope with a handmade paper liner to match.


Besides the months of secret golf-bag-building, this was really pretty easy and we just had fun with the words, layout, and fonts!  We could’ve gone the photo route, but I wanted to keep them really simple and easy.  And since we choose magnets, I also didn’t want people to feel like they had to have our faces smashed up on their fridge!  Save that for the kiddo’s artwork!

Have an STD of your own you want to show off?  Send it to me!  The SAVE THE DATE, that is!!  😉

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  1. This post cracked me up! Who else has a wedding logo?!? You are too funny! The STDs (had to get that in) were FANTASTIC. Of all the things you get in the mail for a wedding, that one is great…it has a nice image and catching phrasing. Would definitely recommend women considering this route! And the envelopes were beautiful, too!

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