Buck Up Buttercup

As you know, I’ve been working on and getting some art up, knickknacks, and carefully collected pieces around the house.  In doing so, I usually try to find a piece of whimsy or something unexpected to put out, just to put a smile on your face when your eye catches it.  In our newly appointed guest bedroom, it comes in the form of art!


Ain’t it cute? I picked it up from Ashely and Greg’s Etsy store that I mentioned here and you can find here.  They have a line of prints they’ve created and the best thing about it was being able to pick my own background color from 16 choices!  The selection is very wide to suite anyone’s tastes for sure!

Buck Up (8x10)

I know it’s a little weird and not everyone’s cup o’tea,  but I love the saying since it’s totally something I’d say to my sisters if they were feeling glum.  Actually, our family says “Buck Up Buckeroo” to each other, so this is really close enough to inspire an old fashioned whiffle ball tournament in my mind! It also feels a little bit modern but I love that it just seems to work with the rest of the space anyway.


I picked apple red to tie in with accessories and with the crochet art across the room.  It’s around the corner behind the chair when you come in, so you can’t see it from the hallway everyday.  It’s truly unexpected when you come around the corner and might just make you smile.


Jake may or may not have laughed, chuckled, and “oh love” ‘d me a dozen or so times when I showed it to him, but it’s a keeper!  It’s cute!  So there’s our little touch of whimsy in the guest room!  Do you guys ever add anything that’s just sure to make someone smile?  Or, heck, make you smile?  You’re livin’ there, after all! Oh, and if you want in on the whiffle ball tournie, just let me know!  😉

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  1. I don’t know how to comment with a photo, but I love whimsy in a room. This includes a cartoon -like pelican with beety little eyes and an orange fish hanging out of its mouth sitting on a shelf in the guest bathroom. It’s perfectly accompanied by a small painting of Aruba with a divi divi tree and pelican (equally great parts of Aruba!).

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