There’s Something About Mary

Jake’s grandmother, Mary,had an amazing talent to crochet and we have quite a collection of her work stored in a cedar chest that we got from her.  I had an idea to work one of her doilys into a piece of art and be on display in the house.  I mean, this is such a gorgeous talent!


We laid out a bunch of options in order to choose one that would work well with a decorative paper that we had.  The paper was a sheet I had leftover from our wedding invitations and I was saving it to either use in a wedding shadow box or for something special, and this just spoke to both of us.

Invites Closed

It’s like incorporating a piece of our day with a piece of Mary and just works beautifully!  I had a stash of larger frames in the basement from our condo days, so I grabbed one of those and cleaned it up.


We laid out a few different designs and picked one that really popped against the paper.


Seriously, how do you even get stitches this small and neat?

IMAG0742 Crazy!  Anyway, the matting with this frame was going to clip both the fabric and the crochet doily more than I liked, but luckily the back was made with a piece of foam core, so I knew I could make it work.  I laid it all out, trimmed up the paper, then centered it and attached it to the foam core with a little bit of clear scrap-booking tape.


The doily was too light to remain in place when I simply slid the foam core on, even with the glass pressed against it, so to keep it in place I grabbed four white sewing pins that would blend in and pinned each corner.  I then bent the backside of the pin against the foam core and covered the ends with a bit of tape so there wouldn’t be a blood sample involved in hanging this.  See? You can hardly even see the pin!


Then I just assembled the entire piece together and have a lovely and personal piece of art!


After going through our stash of Mary’s talents, her doily’s seemed to make their way all over our house!

IMAG0736 DSCN1957 DSCN1951

What a lovely talent and gift she has left for us!  Do you have any keepsakes from loved ones that you keep out or use in a creative way?


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