Friends on Friday: Curb Appeal

I’ve mentioned some of the things we’ve been doing and wanting to do to spruce up our “Curb Appeal” and we’re not the only ones!  My sister, Sue,  has been doing just that as well!  She has the cutest house and front yard that just screams for trick-or-treaters to come calling at Halloween and carpet salesmen to stop by! I thought today we could check out her before and afters and give a little run down of some of the things they’ve been up to to add that New England charm to her home.



Doesn’t her house look fantastic??  I love the blue color she chose for the doors!  It’s really different and I just love the pop of color! They took all their shutters down and repainted them black for that classic New England Cape look and added those custom made flower boxes as well.  Adding in a few fresh new plants and mulch always helps spruce up the garden look.  And, hello?? Adding the mullions to the front window?!?! Such a good idea!!  I looks amazing!  To top it all off, I’m a sucker for a big ol’ American flag waving proudly out front and what’s more Amercan than a bulldog?  A+ on that as well!

Overall, we love it!  Great job!  Sue, you may want to put a sign out that you’re all stocked up on carpets, because you’re bound to have more visitors with such  welcoming and charming curb appeal!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I just LOVE this blog! It’s my personal favorite! 🙂 But, in all seriousness, it was a very moderately prices exterior curb appeal project that had a big impact for little money. And, we LOVE it:

    Shutter Paint: $19.80 (5 cans of Krylon Black Semi-Gloss Spray Paint from Home Depot)
    Door Paint: $33ish (1 gallon of LakeShore SemiGloss from Sherwin Williams)
    Custom Window Boxes: $65ish (Build by the same fabulous father that built Chelle and Jake’s built-ins”)
    Window Box Brackets: $60 (Millstores for at $10/each – They are componsite and will last us longer with the NE weather than standard pine)
    Window Box Paint: FREE (used what we had for exterior white)
    Flowers: $80
    Bush Transplant (we moved around somethings, consolidated, etc.): FREE
    Mulch: $45ish (roughly 3/4 of a yard of mixed hemlock mulch delivered)
    TOTAL: $302.80

    I do not have a green thumb, so Gary replanted the beds and spruced up the landscaping. He is the landscaper extraordinaire! I took care of all the painting (shutters, front door and window boxes) and of course, our amazing father built the window boxes. They are extra deep which adds a traditional look to the house. My daughter says it looks “homier” now. That is just what I was hoping for!

    Overall, we LOVE the new look of the house. It gets lots of looks in the neighborhood from passerbys! This was a great exterior makeover that made a huge difference for very little money!

    Thanks for the posting Chelle! We can wait to see your place when you’re done!!

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