Guest Room Reveal!

I was so torn today.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to show you art and small touches or a whole room reveal.  I decided not to sweat the small stuff and leave that for a lite Friday post, though, so here it is!  Our guest room:


Remember what it looked like before?  (And for the last 2 years!!)

GuestRoomWe finally decided to tackle it and get’her done.  First we painted the walls a moody blue and built a bed and now she’s all buttoned up with curtains and a few accessories and ready to go!  Let’s run down some of the things I picked up the other day while shopping.

I picked up the gold curtains I talked about wanting here from and the curtain rods from Target.  They are faux silk so add a little texture and light shimmer and also have a blackout liner.  At $67 per pair (after added discounts & shipping), they were pretty well priced for a quality grommet top curtain, especially once you consider the full blackout lining.  And considering the pair I was ogling from Crate&Barrel were $89 per panel, I’m much happier with this price! I’m letting them hang loose for now, but I think I need to hem them in the future.  Oh, and we have a strange combination of double hung and awning windows in this room, so I chose to place the curtain rods at the same height to try to mask the differences a bit.


I also picked up a couple throw pillows.  You can see the yellow one on the chair in the picture above, plus a splash of blue on the bed and 2 sweater pillow covers I picked up on Etsy from this seller for $30 for the pair.  I like the texture and warmth they add without being too much.


Target was also my source for the other accessories including this partial mercury glass lamp on the bedside table.  I love mercury glass!


As well as these cute pops of reddish orange on the bureau in the form of vases and this rustic frame behind them I found in a clearance pile.  I’ll have to add a picture!  🙂


I grabbed this basket and put in some neatly rolled up guest towels so they are right there and easy to find.  I also plan on adding a few other details depending on the guest.  Maybe books or magazines that suit the visitor in case they forget something and want to read before bed?  Spare toothbrush? Bottles of water?  Either way it’s super cute and functional.  The little suitcase I got at my bridal shower and holds my very own Chef Hat!


The bureau also has our pineapple on it.  Pineapples symbolize welcoming and hospitality.  I also read that in Louisiana in the 1800’s you served slices of pineapple to your guest when they first arrived to let them know they are welcome, and when they’ve overstayed, you leave a whole pineapple at the foot of their bed to tell them to go!  We’re not southern but it’s such a cute symbol and was a gift from my sister that I felt perfect for our old-meets-new guest room.


We also hung/created some art (tomorrow’s post) and still have a few more things we want to add in the future to give it some more warmth, hominess, and personality.  I have actually found this room easier to decorate than my master bedroom!  A few more things we want to do:

  • Hang a few more pictures
  • Get a new lamp for the bureau
  • Refinish the nightstand
  • Add something over the bed
  • Restore the finish on the dresser
  • Update the trim to craftsman style
  • Add a closet organizer system
  • Change the closet doors

There’s more things like get a new door and change the hardware, crown molding, etc, but that sort-of of universal across the whole house.  For now, I think it looks great and I hope Johnny has a very comfortable stay!  He’ll probably be too exhausted from fun, food, golf, a baseball game, and general goofing off with Jake to really notice too much!  🙂


I hope we can update our master bedroom to feel this nice!  What do you think??

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