Flower Power

Memorial Day weekend was very rainy.  And cold.  And did I mention rainy?  But the hubs and I decided to tackle the great outdoors yet again and keep plugging away on the backyard!

We were like kids in a candy store in the garden section of Lowes!  We don’t know much about flowers and plants but do get the difference between Annuals and Perennials.  That aside though, when we first entered the garden center we were looking for flowers for our window boxes so started in the Annual section.  We got so excited, we filled our cart with annuals and were not going to care that they didn’t come back next year.  Yay Flowers!  But then we crept on over to the Perennials section, saw all these amazing plants that we just loved and would come back and emptied our perviously filled cart and started all over again.  🙂  Crazy kids.


I don’t know the names of everything we got, but they sure are purty and I’ll share some pics with ya.  😉  First, we did our customary laying out the bed we had in mind.


Then dug and edged our way in there.  The left side of the yard we reserved for all sorts of lovely flowers we bought and decided to put them over there.  We’ve quickly realized what all these yard endeavours can do to your wallet, however, so for the right side we decided to buy one of those $6 bags of “wildflower” seeds that you can get and just seed the heck out of the bed on the right.  (warning: crappy phone photo)


We figured if we hate it, we hate it and can always dig it up and start again next year!  But maybe for this year we’ll have black-eyed susans and whatever else was in that seed bag! 🙂  We’ve already had some growth popping up so fingers crossed it’s not all dandelions!! 😉 Anyway – back to the left side of the yard…


We laid everything out, dug it all up and went to town.  Well, the hubby did.  He’s so good!  🙂


We also picked up a hydrangea for under the tree on the right side and hope he grows fat and happy over there!  It’s one of those endless summer ones, I guess, that will bloom all summer long.



Gorgeous! And, yes, I did my part too, by planting the flower boxes.  We bought hanging plants that were already blended and had some drape to them (YHL’s Idea), broke them up carefully, and set them up to spread and to grow.  So far they are doing great and starting to fill in as well!


The left side of the yard looks awesome though.  Here’s a few more pictures of what we got:

IMAG0720 IMAG0721 IMAG0722 IMAG0723 IMAG0724

We hope you’ve been out there getting ready for summertime as well! Boy, this weekend sure gave us an early start to enjoy it!  Bring. On. The. Heat.  #wearesoready



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