Augusta Azaleas

We are big golf-lovers and never miss watching the Master’s tournament in April which takes place at Augusta National in Georgia.  The azaleas at Augusta National are nearly as legendary as the green jackets and golf that takes place!

Azaleas are just gorgeous!  They bloom in early spring, come in a range of colors and have nice green leaves the rest of the year. Plus they get nice and big and act as a good filler in front of your blank foundation walls or in areas where you don’t mind this gorgeous bush and flower getting nice and large.  You can also trim them and shape them as needed, so they really are so versatile. As you can see from this post about our front yard, we were looking to add some azaleas out there and fill in some of that area beneath our front tree and window boxes.  Right now we have a blank canvas to work with!DSCN1690 DSCN1691

So off we went to get some soil and a few pretty azaleas to get planting out here!  SUVs may guzzle gas, but they do come in handy if you don’t have a truck!



And then we just grabbed our shovels and went to town shoveling, cutting roots and mixing old soil with new to give them a happy home.


We had picked up the two pink azaleas for the front yard, and 3 different colors for the back (pink, purple, and white).  We also cut in “our hill” out back and laid out our azaleas under the tree back there.



Our hope is that they grow big and tall and give us beautiful flowering privacy in the springtime!  DSCN1711

We also picked up a hanging basket to add to our deck and flowers to fill some containers we already have.  I believe they are geraniums, snap dragons, and we got some marigolds as well.




It’s a great start and has been fun for us to discover plants!  I am so behind in my posting, though, so in order to catch up, it’s going to be a 2-post Friday!  Look for #2 later today for another big reveal!


See you later!

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