Decluttering DIY Style

We like most folks, get busy.  Things come up and prevent us from taking the proper care of our spaces and our rooms.  Then this happens:


I said full disclosure, didn’t I?  I can’t believe I let our office get like that!  What a nightmare!  The room is far from finished, obviously, and I’m still lacking a wall of bookcases/cupboards/shelving we have planned, but seriously???  What a pack rat!!!


This side of the room was a combination of wedding things, unused frames (that I swear I will hang!!), Christmas wrapping goods, books.. you name it!

So I took an afternoon and did some good old-fashioned roll-your-sleeves-up decluttering, organizing and picking up so I could transform this space back into a room I might actually want to walk into! Of course, like any terrible blogger, I forgot to take progress photos as I cursed cleaned my way through this mess, so let’s just move on to after photos.


So. Much. Better.  And I actually hung some things up!  Look at this nice clean desk… so efficient and ready for new projects to unfold!


The back of the room still has the folding table we are using temporarily, but I was able to pack books and organize some wedding supplies that will eventually make their way into a future cabinet.


I emptied the closet entirely and reorganized suitcases, bedding, printers, paper work, craft supplies, wrapping materials, etc.  I tried to designate new shelves for frequently used things and also added labels to the boxes and bins so we could just grab what we need when we needed it.


Over my side of the desk I hung up some homemade art: a typography of important dates to us, a painted “S” I was fooling around with one day, and a card my twin sister got me for our birthday.


I love the colors and we both know it’s true.  This is so going to happen.


Jake’s side of the desk got some more DIY art with a little love quote I printed on some patterned scrapbook paper, a photo of a divi tree in Aruba (our favorite place in the world) and I framed up a small Aruban flag above that as well.  I thought the black frame hung low on the wall like that sort of played off the black monitor I have on my side of the desk.


The hubs is the financial mastermind of this operation, so although the folders are pretty Martha Stewart designs ala me, he got the bin of finance folders and papers we store nearby before filing them later in the year.  While I was cleaning out all the boxes, though, I found the cutest drawing/card that my niece made for us years ago and decided to slip her work there.  She’s so sweet! DSCN1741

So there’s a little full disclosure on just how messy we can be and also just how diligent we can be about cleaning it up!  The project was free, too, and we always like that!  🙂

Ever just see your house explode before your very eyes and get too overwhelmed to clean up the mess?  Have some great kid art that you hang up?  I know you all 4 of you want to race golf carts in bejeweled sweatsuits with my twin and I… come on… admit it.


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  1. I love the artwork! The card referring to “bejewelled sweatsuits” is a riot! And, of course I love the card from your lovely little niece (minus the spelling errors!). LOL! Your office is looking fabulous! I will be sharing my space come this fall (when school starts), so the reorganization of our space is in the plan here too! Love it!!

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