The Puppy and the Pee

You know how that dang princess could always feel that pea under her mattress?  Well, we can ALWAYS see where ours has done her #1 bid-ness.  Our precious gem, Birdie, is a female and they can be known to burn the grass due to the high PH in their piddle (some landscapers we know affectionately call these “bitch spots”).  We love her and we know that we will not always be able to stop it, but we came up with an idea to try to contain and manage it,  at least with our morning and nightly routines.  So we decided to build a “pee yard” for the Puppy!

We have this area on the side of our yard that we don’t really use, the grass doesn’t grow very well there due to the shade and there’s direct access to it from the house.


The door leads into our pantry/half bath area off the kitchen, which is right where we store Birdie’s food and her dog bowls.  We even have little hooks on the back of the door for her coat (insert eye-rolling) and a towel for her feet when it’s raining.  It’s easy to pop her outside through this door in the morning, when we get home from work and at night before bed.


This just seemed like a good spot to convert since we don’t use it.  You can really even hardly see it from the yard, so we were sold on the idea.  (Look past the grill by that awkward gate in the back)


We marked out a line that made sense with the house and fencin (but also gave her some space) and dug up the grass clumps and weeds that were collecting in there.


We went over to Lowes to pick up some fencing.  We choose a super versatile metal fence to tie in with the metal railings on the stairs.


It is more of a post and rail construction so very easy to install.  Just pound in the metal feet,


align the openings with where the rail/post will drop in through the holes and into the foot (highly technical terms we came up with),


and it’s as easy as that!



We went with the shorter fence since, well, we have a small dog and we didn’t want it to be too visible in the yard, but this type of fence does come in a taller height as well.  We covered the area with 4 bags of mulch to make it look nice and keep it mud free and we were done!


The whole project took about 1 hour and 15 minutes and probably cost us about $65 total including the fencing and mulch.


We can hardly even notice it when we’re out in the yard.  In fact, it looks kinda nice!


Birdie doesn’t seem to mind it either.  The fence part has taken a little getting used to, but she seems to get it now.  Ever see a pee yard for a pet?  Maybe ours is a little spoiled, but we just love our little princess.
Shh….She’s sleeping…


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  1. Just came over from YHL & am loving your solution. We don’t have a dog (yet) since we live in a rental & our place is too small, but this is seriously smart if you have a little area you can fence off like this.

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