Seating Switcheroo

If you haven’t noticed how much I have mentioned them here, here, and here my parents are pretty much the best, most generous and fun people to have around.  Well, my entire family is, really, and Jake and I are so blessed and fortunate to have them in our lives!  Yet again, they helped us out by loaning us a patio set for a couple of years until we could invest in one.  Here she is seen in a photo from our deck days.


The set is great, sturdy, has 6 stackable chairs, the works.  Recently, though we came across a great deal on Hayneedle for a beautiful wood set that was about 30% off on sale, with a 10% off coupon and then free shipping.  It was a really great deal so we jumped on it! Once it came in, we packed up the loaner…


And drove it over to my sister‘s house to be the next beneficiary of my parent’s awesomeness!  She just bought her house last summer, so starting this spring off with an outside set is a big help to her as well! (Don’t mind her face… yes, she’s saying, “are you blogging????”)  Yep. 🙂


Then came the fun stuff (insert sarcasm here). You know – allen wrenches.  Oh man, do I hate these things.  I don’t know why we can’t assemble furniture with regular screws.  And I think it took me more time to unpack all these boxes then it did to assemble the chairs.


But at least they were packed well and we had all our parts and pieces and nothing was damaged.  A+ in that department!  I didn’t take any pictures while assembling.  I was just concentrating on holding on to the allen wrench and trying not to curse too badly as I dropped the darn thing repeatedly.  The Hubs assembled the table in the backyard while I choose to stay in the driveway to assemble the chairs.  All in all the whole set maybe took us 30 minutes to assemble so not too bad.

We brought it all out back into our “patio staging area” (we’ve laid it all out to try to figure out how big we want our brick patio to be), brought over our fancy umbrella stand, put up our new umbrella we got for Christmas and voila!


I love the color of the wood.  Initially we though we would go for more of a cedar color that tied into the deck and the fence, but after seeing this set we were really liking the contrast and the way they tied more into our metal side chairs with the red cushions.


The chairs have a nice high back and are super comfortable with or without the cushions so that’s a bonus. It makes for a great spot to relax and enjoy a nice long outdoor meal and time with friends!


In addition to shade, the umbrella helps make it feel a little more private when we’re out there.  Our neighbors have a roof deck that looks down on us and although we’re lucky they’re never out there, it still helps us feel more secluded. #solarglarealert


Our snazzy “new” umbrella stand looks pretty cute too!  🙂


What have you been up to?  Getting ready to enjoy some BBQ and summer parties too??  We’ve got a ways to go but it’s starting to come together great!

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