I feel terrible.  I’ve been busy and neglecting all 4 of my readers of this blog!  There are excuses, like “work has been insane” and “I’ve been sick”, but do those really matter when all of you are counting on me to bring a piece of email to your inbox???

The truth is, although all of that has gotten in the way for a couple of weeks, I’ve really missed blogging!  I’ve discovered that I really like doing this!  It’s not only to share with my friends and family what’s been going on and what little projects we might be tackling, but this blog is allowing Jake and I to document this amazing time in our lives!  We get to capture all those pictures and moments as we watch our house transform and share some really great experiences in our lives.  As an added bonus, the time I spend writing and editing photos just really makes this nerdy-girl happy!

So I pledge to you, 4 Readers, that I will try to be better and not let a week go by without a post!  I pledge to myself, that I will try to better and allow myself these moments to work on something I feel passionate about!


See you soon!


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