A little spruce here, a little spruce there…

Special day folks!  It’s a 2-post-er!  After posting this morning about missing posting, I decided to write-up a quick post (drinking game, anyone?) of a small project we did a while back to spruce up some items outside.

Firstly, our fire pit.  We’ve had it for 2 years and although a built-in one would be incredible, we’ve moved this from deck to sand to yard so it’s been nice to have the mobility.  We both love the square shape and the depth is great.  That doesn’t stop Jake from building his colossal fires, but boys will be boys, right?  Anyhoo, here’s the before shot. DSCN1593

Jake shoveled the ash out of it into a can we use to store it and laid a tarp out to cover the grass.  He gave it a good scrub with a wire brush before spray painting.


2 light coats of Rustoleam’s High Heat spray paint in a matte black finish and we had a new looking fire pit for only $5!


While we were at it (and working on the table) we also picked up a fun color to work on our umbrella stand.  My parents gave us their spare umbrella stand and it was in need or a little TLC.  So again the wire brush work removed all the chipping paint and roughed up the surface.


And then we went for a fun color!


Woo Woo! Call the fire department!!!  Why not, right?  It’s under the table and goes with the red, white, and blue thing we have going on which you’ll see more of soon, I promise!

Spray paint is genius.  It’s cheap, it’s quick, and it’s effective.

Doing any quick updates at home?  I know you’re out there and want to comment… 🙂

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