Emeril’s City

Unfortunately this post is not about cooking. Or Emeril Lagasse. Or a city.  Let’s just roll with it people! It’s not just our backyard that needs a lot of work.  The front of our house was not so prize-winning in the curb appeal department either.  We’re putting the bad right out there with the good, so if you think you’re ready for the ultimate “before” photo take a gander below.


AHHHH!  Ouch!!!  That was our house about 4-5 years ago.  Damage from frozen/burst pipes (we mentioned where that might have happened here), overgrown, foreclosed, abandoned, and left to be run and managed by critters.  We bought this prize after it was flipped to look more manageable and provide some vision.  Vision we have so we picked it up for a bargain, we think, and slow but sure we’re making it our own.


When we bought our love nest, you can see that a little bit of the front yard area was cleaned up a little and the lamppost was stood upright!  Amazing what helps to sell, right?  🙂  One of the biggest problems with the lack of curb appeal are those unruly hemlock trees you can see to the right in the first picture.  We’re the last house on a little dead-end street and the house was completely blocked by those monstrosities.  Some of our furniture deliveries took a mighty long time because the drivers couldn’t even see the house from the street!

So one afternoon last summer I dreamt about a cleaner prettier curb appeal with sunlight and air and no more dampness and shade from the hemlocks.  I went outside with a handy axe and a saw and a beer and cut every branch that I could reach off of those hemlocks.   Jake jumped in to help cut the rest of the main trunks down so it didn’t fall on the house, and then he took over and hacked, sawed, dug up the stumps and root balls.  Now it’s a much cleaner front yard and you can see the house!


Amazing how much better it looks already!  My mom and I added the flower boxes last summer and they really help to cozy up this area, but that’s just a little icing on this old cake.  What we really want is to take what you see above from that to THIS:


BAM! So, I had a little fun with Photoshop!  I’m drooling slightly as I am imagining pulling in from work every day to that. Or something similar with less neon-green grass, but you get the idea!  Azaleas, boxwood, forsythia, a new lamppost, grass…it would be so pretty!

Additionally, you see that area in the back there, where we park our cars?  Well, that’s the church parking lot we’re talking about here, only in the front of the house we just have this chain link fence to look at and not our pretty cedar fence.

Fence Area As-Is

We had a little fun here, as well, envisioning building up our timber wall a few more levels and adding arborvitae to give us more privacy and some color.

Fence Area Dream

BAM BAM!! Nice, huh?  I totally wish that was done right now.  Of course, I had to pull the whole thing together to get the full effect.


Drool city.  And yes I called Jake upstairs to watch me turn the layers on and off in Photoshop while shouting “BAM!” multiple times.  I would have made Emeril proud.  Then we drooled together…. sigh. So that’s where we’re headed in the front yard!  We’re hoping to hit some garden centers this weekend and start pricing out the plants and take it from there. What do you think?

How about you guys? Any plans to get dirty?  Every photoshop your ideas together?  Have some photos and need help doing so??  Let me know!!!

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  1. This is my favorite post so far!! BAM!! That’s what I want to do to my front yard!! Azaleas are a great idea and I love forsthia! My neighbors have a row on their back fence that are so gorgeous right now and I can see them from my office window. I wonder if she’d mind if I snagged one or two. Hmm…think she’d notice?

    It’s going to be gorgeous. LOVE IT!!

  2. I love the photoshop plans! We are doing some of the same exterior changes on our house. Color, new bushes, window boxes and some fresh landscaping mulch. I can’t wait for the end result. Your mock up is Nanking me reconsider forsythias! Love it all including the emerald green grass. You are off to see the wizard! 🙂

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