Chime Time

While working at sprucing up the yard and trying to make it a place of beauty and relaxation, there is nothing we like more than a really nice windchime to add a delicate sound to breezes.  My parents bought us a beautiful windchime for Christmas (which just happens to be a duplicate of their own!) and we couldn’t wait to hang it up.


The hubs picked up some bolts from our local hardware store and put up an a decorative iron bracket that would hold it far enough away from the fence.


Then we just hung her up and let the breezes make some music!


We love the bronze tubes and the cedar stained wood tones.  It just seems to fit with the yard and the fence perfectly.  The tall 37″ tubes play a beautiful deep tone, so it’s just so soothing and delicate.  Wish you all could hear it!


A quick easy update that brings a little music to our yard!  Oh, and we love that we can hear it in the house through the open windows as well!  Not so bad washing dishes now!  🙂

You have any windchimes that you like?  Or do you prefer tribal drums in the yard?  Everybody’s got their own thang!  🙂

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