From Ruins to Rebirth

Our backyard started as an interesting group of things and was basically in ruins.  We had a MASSIVE deck that extended almost the full length of the yard.  At some point the previous owners had an above-ground pool that also sat in a MASSIVE sand pit.  The maple trees were overgrown, their branches were too low and there was zero grass to speak off.



We’ve done a ton out here already (photos might fail, so trust me ok?)!  Jake has attacked the trees with a handy-dandy long arm cutting thing more than once, we power-washed the fence and the shed, then went to town with some cedar stain to give the fence an upgrade.  The shed got stained with a color matched to our house trim with barn-red doors and window shutters.

Powerwash2 Powerwash3

Yum.  Anyway, we really wanted a ground level patio, so we rallied our incredible family together and demolished the deck.  Sitting at ground level to hang out would give us much more privacy than sitting on the deck where we were more exposed above the fence line.  Our property borders a church/school parking lot on one side, which is nice because it’s very quiet during in the evenings and on Saturdays (when we’re home), but Sunday Mass time does get busy and it’ll be nice to sit where it feels more secluded.

IMAG0136 IMAG0137

This was an undertaking, but we had pizza and beer water beer and kept at it until we filled two Bagsters worth of decking debris and random landscape edging. IMAG0138 IMAG0139

We had a landscape company come in, remove the gravel and the sand, level the yard off, add new topsoil to get ready to seed. It can be tough in urban areas to know what to do with that sort of waste, and the dump can have all sorts of restrictions depending on your town, so after researching we felt it best to call in the big-guns and not DIY this step.IMAG0159

My incredible dad was back yet again and added a new set of stairs to get down to the yard. Look! Stadium seating!IMAG0169

Then the area was seeded and BOOM!  We had grass!  Don’t you just love how fresh, brilliantly green and happy baby grass looks???? I could roll in it for days (if it wasn’t going to kill it).


This year’s spring has nearly sprung, so this was our little 2011-2012 recap of the backyard so far, but we have so much further to go… railings magically appeared (seriously a wizard must’ve had some free time while I was at work), plants will be planted, patios will be put in, maybe we’ll even go batty and add a clothesline!?!?!?   You never know! Crazy love birds!  Stay tuned!

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