Got Milk?

A while back I was antique-ing with my mom and sisters and I spotted this milk can.  I’m not usually into antiques and certainly something like this isn’t really up my alley, but it just sorta did it for me.  I got nostalgic and decided to take it home.  milkcaninstagram

It lived in the corner of the kitchen for a while and was an annoying great place to sit our cell phones while they charged.  Although that was useful, I don’t think it was really doing the milk can any justice.  The sun is now shining, leaves are getting ready to splash their spring green all over New England and Jake and I are itching to get outside!  We’ve got these great patio chairs that we’ve had for years and last year I picked up a couple of new cushions for them in red.  We don’t have a table to sit our wine iced tea on while hanging out, so recently it brought to mind my little milk can and an idea I found on pinterest (shocker!).

A little trip over to our handy-dandy Lowes and we picked up an 18″ wood round, liquid nails, and some spray paint.  I choose to use Valspar’s paint and primer in one to save me a little work priming over the black can.  We also choose blue since we’ve got a red-white-and-blue theme going on outside.  It works with the house and Jake and I love the our good-old U.S.A.

A couple of coats of spray paint later and we had a blue can and a blue top to go with it.  It only took one can too!



Birdie supervised.


Once they were both thoroughly dry, I added a touch of liquid nails to the top ring of the milk can where the wood round would sit and fit the wood round on top as centered as I could get it.  Liquid nails dries pretty fast, but you have enough time to slide it around a bit and make sure it’s in a good spot.  And then bam! We had ourselves a little side table!



The wood round was about $10 (for a pack of 2 so we have another) and the spray paint was only  $4 so for $14 smackers we got a cute little side table that also gives off a pop of color and now I’m not feeling like I neglected the utter (HA!) thing! Now for that patio….

Repurposing any antiques of your own?  Got a collection of jugs? Yeah, I’ve been surpressing “jug” jokes this entire post.  I’m proud of me.

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