Dark and Stormy

We had a very busy weekend with LOTS of projects that we can’t wait to share!  First up though, we finally picked a color for our guest room and went to work!  Although it wasn’t in the color exercise we posted about here, after getting to the store we went with “Stormy Blue”.  It’s actually darker than all our other choices we put up and we love it!

GR Stormy Blue

Here’s a quick peek at the before so you can see how it looked with the neutral color we had previously.


We are both thrilled to our toes at the color!  It has a nice classic feel to it, but also is updated enough to work with our style.  And to be honest, we’ve shied away from color is almost every other room (house tour), so it was nice to go outside of our comfort zone a little in here and choose something a bit more bold.

Painting is the a little bit of work, but the easiest way to update a space, really.  Just move everything out-of-the-way and go to town! We used Sherwin Williams Pro Paint which has a paint and primer in one, so we didn’t need to prime first.  It’s a little more expensive than the standard stuff, but you can get a 10% off coupon online.  I use a 2″ short-handled brush to trim out the ceilings and the walls, and although I’m not a pro by any means, I don’t bother the tape the room out – I just go and go carefully. We also like the smaller rollers for more control.  You don’t get as much coverage, but we feel more confident.  I didn’t take off the cover plates and wires for our wireless router that is housed in this room.  We didn’t want to be offline through the whole project (#mastersweekend) and this gets hidden behind the bureau anyway, so I was willing to live with it.  I taped those off and removed all the other outlet and switch cover plates and started painting.  Overall it only took 2 coats of paint since we spent a few $ more for the good stuff!


My stately 5′ frame can’t reach the ceiling easily so we finally picked up a handy 2′ step stool which I have already fondly dragged all over the house with me!  How I lived with out it before, I’ll never know!  Oh, wait.. yes, I do: “Jake!”Painting Total Cost Breakdown:

  • Sherwin Williams Propaint: $45.89
  • Step Stool: $19.99
  • Brushes/Rollers/Trays: $0 (we had everything on hand already)

So if we include the step stool we spent $65.88 to update the guest room.  The stool will now save me from those awkward stretches and reaches that make me groan so it’s well worth the price to me! One more look at our newly painted room:

GR Stormy Blue

Oh, and while painting it’s always handy to keep the rugrats out!


Do any painting this weekend?  Update any spaces?  Or just tell me – aren’t your puppies just as adorable as mine and my sisters??  Have a great day!!!


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  1. was “stormy blue” the exact name of the color you went with from Sherwin-Williams?? this is the exact color I’ve been looking for please!!

    1. Hi Tiffany! I ran down to my paint room to check and you’re right it’s actually named Smoky Blue! I believe it’s part of the Pottery Barn line and is color number 7604. Send me a picture when you’re done! It’s a beautiful color!

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