Finding Inspiration, I mean.. PINspiration!

I love me some Pinterest!  Who doesn’t, really?  It’s a great place to spot new projects, ideas, tips, tricks, recipes, products, photography, design, style, you name it!  Since we’re on a kick planning for our guest room makeover, I thought I’d share some of the things that have “Pin-spired” us and are forming some of our choices in there.

Firstly, the reason the guest is here and not at a hotel to begin with, the bed.  I definitely just didn’t want to stick a mattress on a frame in here and call it a day, so have been fooling with what sort of headboard we were looking at in this room.  I played around a lot with the idea of a fabric headboard and I know it can be cheap, fast, and super easy to make one ourselves, but we have the same sort of look in our master bedroom, so I didn’t want it to be too replicated.


The rooms are right next to each other and when standing in the hall you can see that both beds would be head-to-head against the same wall.  Something about that just has compelled me to keep it different.  I want the room to feel comfortable and homey and relaxing for our guests.  I don’t want it to feel so pristine they feel terrible leaving their socks on the floor, but nice enough that they feel the extra effort that was made in making it a place to rest their weary heads.  For that I started looking towards more natural elements like wood or wicker. Headboards

Upper Left | Upper Right | Lower Left | Lower Right

I think there’s a lot that can be done with either element to keep the room both rustic and modern, as well as homey and inviting.  The wood headboard can be made, but the seagrass ones would have to be bought.  Basket weaving is not a hobby I want to pick up!  🙂

Hmmm… that may help decide which we end up with!


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