Picking a paint color

One of the next spaces that Jake and I have been working on is our Guest Room.  We recently got a new mattress, so moved our old queen mattress in there.  My parents gave us a lovely antique dresser that just seems to fit the space really nicely, so we’d love to spruce it up and give it some new life in here.


The chair was from our condo days and after getting something a little more luxurious for the living room, we moved this up here and it seems to work nicely.  I’m not sure if we’ll recover it down the road or not, but for now the neutral is leaving things open.  The little red chest landed there for a while, but it’s not staying.  Currently Birdie uses that as her perch  to look out the window, but think we’ll have to find something else for her!  I’d like to move the chest back to the office and recover it.  I might add some foam to the top and use it as an ottoman with a chair eventually too, but that’s for later.


I’m in the process of trying to build our mood board for our guest room.  The small window faces east and the front window faces north (check out my compass skills and I wasn’t even a girl scout!), so this room not only gets the morning light, it gets that constant cool north light all day long.  My point is, it can be bright.  That being the case I’ve been thinking of being a little more daring with the paint color, but really wanted to see how it would look.

Sherwin Williams is our paint of choice around our house.  The primers are great, the coverage is excellent, and the colors come out exactly like the swatch.  To me, that is no better endorsement!  It’s terrible when the color is nothing like you thought you had picked!  Sherwin Williams has an amazing add-on to their website called the Color Visualizer that let’s you upload your own photos, browse they’re entire collection (along with HGTV‘s collection) and add color to the components of your room by simply dragging, painting, or selecting a path around the objects. I simply uploaded one of the pictures of the guest room and began experimenting!

PT-DorienGreyPT-GauntletGreyPt-Grays HarborPT-BlackFox

And now, I’m looking for your votes!  The colors from top to bottom are:

          1. Dorian Grey
          2. Gauntlet Grey
          3. Grays Harbor
          4. Black Fox

I think we have our favorites, but tell me, what is yours??  I’ll tally the votes and let you know what we pick!!  Remember, the space gets a lot of light, but then again, that’s the beauty of paint – it’s JUST paint!

We were in no way compensated or even connected with Sherwin Williams!  We simply love their products and are sharing our ideas with you.

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